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Downloady ke hře Call of Duty: United Offensive pro PC

Call of Duty: United Offensive - Widescreen Patch

Patch na upravení hry pro širokoúhlé monitory 

27. 1. 2008 v 23.05 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1293 Velikost: 0.06 MB Typ: Modifikace


Call of Duty: United Offensive

Čeština pro datadisk United Offensive k válečné 3D FPS Call of Duty. Bližší informace najdete v instalátorech.
Na tvorbě češtiny se podíleli: Kopulkon, Kelčák, POLIS, ufoonek a Sushi.

10. 10. 2006 v 00.00 Platforma: PC Popularita: 7168 Velikost: 8.68 MB Typ: Čeština


Call of Duty: United Offensive - Save

Save ze hry

23. 4. 2006 v 00.31 Platforma: PC Popularita: 2571 Velikost: 17.5 MB Typ: Cheat/Návod


Call of Duty: United Offensive - +12 Trainer

12 Funkční trainer - zdraví, náboje, přesnost zbraní, přemístění nábojů, zabijení 1 ranou, uložení, super skok, super rychlost...

23. 4. 2006 v 00.31 Platforma: PC Popularita: 477 Velikost: 0.09 MB Typ: Cheat/Návod


Call of Duty: United Offensive

Stačí když v příkazovém řádku najdete adresář kde máte naistalováno CoD:UO a zadáte:
CoDUOSP .exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0

Ve hře potom spustíte konzoli klávesou ~ a pak do ní píšete kódy :

God - nesmrtelnost
Noclip - Procházení zdmi

19. 1. 2006 v 13.57 Platforma: PC Popularita: 48 Typ: Cheat/Návod


Call of Duty: United Offensive - patch v1.51b

Společnost Activision vydala patch v 1.51b pro datadisk Call of Duty: United Offensive. Malinkatý patch je určen pouze pro ty, kteří hodlají hostovat server pro multiplayer hru. Patch řeší problém, jež umožňoval zvenčí shodit celý server.

28. 12. 2004 v 11.02 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1612 Velikost: 0.3 MB Typ: Update


Call of Duty: United Offensive - map pack

Společnost Activision a tvůrčí tým Grey Matter Studios vydali balíček nových multiplayer map pro datadisk Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Zbrusu nové jsou však pouze dvě z nich (mp_peaks, mp_streets). Zbylé mapy (mp_uo_carentan, mp_uo_dawnville, mp_uo_depot, mp_uo_harbor, mp_uo_hurtgen, mp_uo_powcamp) jsou z původního Call of Duty, pouze upravené tak, aby podporovaly multiplayer módy Capture the Flaq a Domination.

22. 12. 2004 v 11.02 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1250 Velikost: 39.2 MB Typ: Modifikace


Call of Duty: United Offensive - patch v1.51

Společnost Activision vydala první patch pro datadisk Call of Duty: United Offensive od týmu Grey Matter Studios. Jedná se o patch v1.51, který stejně jako patch v1.5 pro původní hru přináší nové příkazy pro lepší skriptování, dále upravuje - snižuje vytížení CPU na mapách s ovladatelnými dopravními prostředky, upravuje nesrovnalosti v single i multiplayeru a další. Call of Duty: United Offensive retail patch v1.51 CALL OF DUTY(tm) UNITED OFFENSIVE(tm) 1.51 PATCH README Last Updated: 2004-12-10 INTRODUCTION & IMPORTANT NOTES This document details numerous additions, fixes, and changes to Call of Duty(tm) United Offensive(tm) in the 1.51 patch. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of the in-game console is not supported by Activision(r). Please do not contact Activision(r) Customer Support with issues that arise from using console commands in-game. Single player save games from the retail version of Call of Duty(tm) United Offensive(tm) will not work after the patch is applied. It is strongly recommended that you disable any anti-virus software before installing. After applying the 1.51 patch, uninstalling Call of Duty(tm) United Offensive(tm) may leave behind the following files: * localized_english_pakuo01.pk3 and localized_english_pakuo02.pk3 (as well as the localized counterparts) * pakuo07.pk3 * readme_patch_1.51.rtf If the uninstaller does not remove these files, you must manually delete them. NOTES FOR MOD USERS: - It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Call of Duty(tm) directory be removed before installing this patch. These modifications are not supported by Activision(r) and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included. - Call of Duty(tm) does not support mods that have spaces in the mod's folder name. Be sure that the folder that contains your mod does not have spaces; otherwise users will not be able to download the files. For example, a mod in a folder called "My Mod" would be invalid, whereas "MyMod" or "My_Mod" would work. SINGLE PLAYER ENHANCEMENTS - Adjusted AI behavior in Kharkov2 - Improved objective updates in Kharkov2 - Adjusted the difficulty of crossing the beginning field in Foy - Improved voice over triggers in Sicily1 - Updated player objectives when facing German PT boats on Sicily2 - Improved AI interaction in Kharkov1 MULTIPLAYER ENHANCEMENTS - Added "allow_jeeps" and "allow_tanks" to sv_mapRotation functionality. For example, "sv_mapRotation allow_jeeps 0 allow_tanks 1 map mp_foy allow_jeeps 1 allow_tanks 0 map mp_kursk" would set up the server so that only tanks are present in mp_foy, and only jeeps are present in mp_kursk. - Added scr_vehicle_limit_jeep scr_vehicle_limit_medium_tank scr_vehicle_limit_heavy_tank to allow servers to limit vehicle quantity - Decreased CPU utilization on maps that contain vehicles - Reoriented "flag taken" message in "Capture the Flag" so that it is not covering the reticle - Added ability to execute map and gametype specific config files. When a map is loaded on the server, a config by the name of _.cfg will be executed automatically, if it exists. If it doesn't exist, then it will be ignored. Eg. mp_foy_dom.cfg will be automatically run when mp_foy is started in Domination mode. - Can specify a config file to execute within the sv_mapRotation command. For example, "sv_mapRotation exec mycfg1.cfg map mp_foy exec mycfg2.cfg map_kursk". (Note: doing this will override the _.cfg and prevent that config from being executed.) - Added cvar setting for jeep/tank availability. These cvars are: scr_allow_jeeps and scr_allow_tanks . For example, "set scr_allow_jeeps 0; set scr_allow_tanks 0" will cause all vehicles to be disabled. The values given to these cvar's are also available as a server browser filter setting. Clients can then search for games without vehicles present using filter settings that are now available on the Join Server screen. These settings are also available in the menu when setting up a server. - Adjusted default /RATE to 25000 (Cable/DSL). Modem and ISDN users will need to reset their Data Rate settings on the Multiplayer Options menu. - Added g_vehicleBurnTime cvar for vehicles, to modify the time spent burning before they explode. Time is expressed in seconds and the default value is 10. - Added scr_vehicle_spawn_limit cvar, to limit the number of times a vehicle can respawn, before it disappears completely. - Adjusted blast radius on vehicles. - Restricted turret rotation rate on tanks, so it is independent of body rotation. - Vehicle collisions with players now obey friendly fire rules. - Deployed LMG now respects all collision boundaries. - Cannot plant/disarm bomb in "Search & Destroy" while deployed with LMG. - Filtered player & server count now shown during server refresh in browser screen. - Server map rotation continues without clients being connected on Domination, Capture the Flag, and Base Assault. - Increased MAX_CVARS to 2048, from 1024. - Default com_hunkmegs is raised by default to a higher setting above 128MB if the user has more RAM. - Player bound "vsays" now work in all gametypes. To use this feature, bind any key to "vsay X Y", where X and Y are the corresponding numbers on the Voicechat menu. For example: \bind z "vsay 2 7" would bind the Z to "Smoke out." - Improved collision on mp_arnhem - Improved window bullet collision allowing players to shoot through all windows on mp_arnhem - Improved radio destruction radius in HQ mode on mp_arnhem - Improved collision on mp_foy - Improved collision and textures on mp_rhinevalley. - Added multiple exits from spawn buildings on mp_rhinevalley. - Improved spawn points on mp_sicily. - Added ability to disable announcer voices. This option can be found under Multiplayer Options and uses the cg_AnnouncerSounds cvar to toggle the option. - The flamethrower weapon has become more powerful. It is now quite dangerous. NOTE: Flames can now damage the user of the flamethrower. - Corrected a display issue when server admins adjusted the scr_bas_basehealth cvar. - Adjusted compass ranges when switching between maps. - Optimized portals on mp_cassino, mp_uo_stanjel, mp_italy, mp_kharkov, mp_ponyri, and mp_sicily. - Placed additional LMG mount points in mp_uo_stanjel. - Corrected an exploit where players were able to walk around underneath most maps. - Players who have recently jumped into a tank must wait briefly before exiting the tank again. - The Team Balance feature will now wait until a player is dead before switching him to the other side during "Capture the Flag" games. This prevents players in possession of the flag from being accidentally swapped to the other team. - Integrates features from the Call of Duty(tm) 1.5 Patch. (See below for 1.5 details) - Improved Vehicle Physics Call of Duty(tm) 1.5 Patch NEW FEATURES Players in HQ, RE, SD, TDM, and BEL games can now call timeouts. To call a timeout, use \matchtimeout in the console. To end a timeout in progress, use \matchtimein. These commands are bindable. (Note to mod-makers: in order to allow your players to call timeouts, the players have to belong to a team. ex: Allies/Axis.) All time measurements are in milliseconds. Related server cvars: 1. g_timeoutsAllowed - The number of timeouts allowed per side. 2. g_timeoutLength - The length of each timeout. 3. g_timeoutRecovery - The length of the preparation period which occurs after a time-in is called, or after a timeout expires. This recovery period is used to alert all players that play is about to begin. 4. g_timeoutBank - The total amount of time a team can spend in timeout. Related client cvars: 1. ui_timeoutsAllowed - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutsAllowed cvar. 2. ui_timeoutLength - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutLength cvar. 3. ui_timeoutRecovery - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutRecovery cvar. 4. ui_timeoutBank - Contains the value of the server's g_timeoutBank cvar. MULTIPLAYER ENHANCEMENTS Client console lock- Servers can now opt to disable a client's access to the console by setting sv_disableClientConsole to 1. Mod creators should reference the "Decimal Type Field" information under Scripting and Mods support. Added g_deadChat - This server setting gives admins the ability to allow dead players to chat with live players. Set this cvar to 1 to enable dead chatting. Added extra vote options - Players can now vote to change the killcam, draw friendly icons, and friendly fire settings. (These do not use new cvars, rather they give players the chance to change existing ones: scr_killcam, scr_drawfriend, and scr_friendlyfire.) Voting cvars for all vote options - Allows server admins to decide which voting options their clients have access to. Set the cvar to 1 if you want to permit players' votes on that option. New Cvars: g_allowVoteKick, g_allowVoteMap, g_allowVoteMapRestart, g_allowVoteMapRotate, g_allowVoteTempBanUser, g_allowVoteTypeMap, g_allowVoteDrawFriend, g_allowVoteFriendlyFire, and g_allowVoteKillCam. TDM scoring- Added an option to have killing teammates or committing suicide during a TDM game reduce the team's score as well as the individual's. This option is controlled by a cvar (scr_teamkill_penalty) and defaults to 0, which is the original scoring method. Private clients - The server browser now accurately displays the total number of clients on a server-regardless of whether some of them are private clients. The number of open private client slots is never displayed. Instead, when a private client slot is filled, the perceived max clients value will increase. Improved portal seams throughout the game. Corrected an exploit that caused some servers to shut down unexpectedly. Corrected an issue where screenshots sometimes appeared black on ATI(r) Radeon(tm) 9800 cards The games_mp.log file now records and formats all information properly in games longer than 999 minutes. The command "updatescreen" no longer turns off the ambient sound scr_friendlyfire, scr_killcam, and scr_drawfriend are now read only cvars and need to be setup in a config file prior to running a server. These cvars can be changed in-game by using the voting system provided voting is enabled. SCRIPTING AND MOD SUPPORT IMPORTANT NOTE: Several features of the 1.5 Call of Duty(tm) patch are intended for makers of end-user mods or to allow compatibility with certain mod features. Most of the items listed below will only function properly with scripting support from a mod. Added Squad chat - Players can now be assigned to squads from script. In script, set the "self.sessionsquad" variable to one of the squad values: "free", "squad_alpha" or "squad_bravo". The default setting is "free". There is a new console command, which allows players to send a message to only their squad mates. In the console, type "say_squad ". If the player is in a squad, his message will be sent to each of his squad mates. If he is not in a squad, the message will be sent to each of his teammates. Finally, if he is not on a team, it will be sent to everyone. To bind this functionality to a key, use "\bind [key] "messagesquad"". Increased max cvar limit for MP: MAX_CVARS = 2048 Added Script command for player speed (The "maxspeed" script command sets a player's speed before stance modifiers. If this feature is not used, the game functions as normal. Ex: self maxspeed(250) Decimal Type Fields added - Menus can now be tweaked (to compensate for the loss of console access when using sv_disableclientconsole). Print float values by using ITEM_TYPE_DECIMALFIELD in the menu files. Pair up the decimal field with the cvar/itemdef you wish to set and make sure that, within the decimal field's itemdef, there is a cvarfloat defining the field's permitted numerical range. Added Autodemo - The autodemo capability consists of two script commands: autodemostart and autodemostop. These commands should be placed in the .gsc and the syntax of the command is this: player autodemostart();. To enable the autodemo capability on the server, set g_autodemo to 1. To force a client to accept the autodemo command, set cg_autodemo to 1. Autodemos must be enabled on the server in order for the client's setting to matter-if g_autodemo is set to 0, clients will not receive the command. Added Autoscreenshot - The autoscreenshot capability relies on a script command: autoscreenshot. This command should be placed in the .gsc and the syntax of the command is this: player autoscreenshot();. To enable the autoscreenshot capability on the server, set g_autoscreenshot to 1. To force a client to accept the autoscreenshot command, set cg_autoscreenshot to 1. Autoscreenshots must be enabled on the server in order for the client's setting to matter-if g_autoscreenshot is set to 0, clients will not receive the command. Added a new demo fast forward command - "jumptodemoend". Added 'getstance()' - A script command which returns which stance a player is in: stance = self getstance(); Returned values will be "stand", "crouch", or "prone." END DOCUMENT

17. 12. 2004 v 11.05 Platforma: PC Popularita: 4012 Velikost: 121.5 MB Typ: Update


Multiplayer patch pro češtinu k Call of Duty: United Offensive

Pokud jste i vy propadli hře Call of Duty: United Offensive přes internet a nainstalovali jste si tuto češtinu, může se stát, že nebude zcela korektně pracovat se síťovým prostředím hry a začne vypisovat chyby zejména v diakritice. Nastane-li tato situace, pak vám zcela jistě pomůže tento patch, který diakritiku ze hry odstraní.

29. 10. 2004 v 10.49 Platforma: PC Popularita: 592 Velikost: 0.2 MB Typ: Update


Stahujte nástroje pro tvorbu map i modů do 3D akce CoD: United Offensive

Společnost Activision a tvůrčí tým Grey Matter Studios vydali balíček nástrojů, který tvořivým hráčům umožní upravovat stávající a vytvářet nové mapy i modifikace pro datadisk Call of Duty: United Offensive. Díky nástrojům z toho balíčku je tak možné vytvářet nové mapy, vlastní modely různých objektů, modifikovat stávající zbraně i jejich vlastnosti atd. Součástí balíčku jsou jak zdrojové kódy, tak i dokumentace, instrukce pro správnou instalaci, průvodce základní tvorbou a úpravou objektů a nechybí ani Graydient level editor. Samozřejmostí je fakt, že nástroje nejsou oficiálně podporovány společností Activision. Veškeré úpravy tedy provádíte na vlastní nebezpečí. Za zmínku stojí skutečnost, že žádný nástrojů nepoběží a operačních systémem Win98 a WinMe. Použitelné jsou pouze pod Win2000 a WinXP.

1. 10. 2004 v 14.35 Platforma: PC Popularita: 469 Velikost: 20.6 MB Typ: Modifikace


Tanková mise na videu z datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive

Krátce po vydání datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive vydala společnost Activision další úžasné in-game video. Je dlouhé 52 sekund a nabízí několik záběry z misí, kde hráč proti nacistům bojuje v tanku. V plné hře jsou tyto tankové mise součástí ruské kampaně, která nad zbylými dvěma kampaněmi vyniká zejména svojí dramatickou válečnou atmosférou. Datadisk CoD: United Offensive je stejně jako původní hra složen ze tří po sobě jdoucích kampaní, jež nabízí sled dramatických bitev 2. světové války. V každé kampani hráč ovládá postavu jiného vojáka a bojuje za jinou armádu. Jestliže je koncept singleplayer kampaně v datadisku stejný jako v původní hře, tak multiplayer je od základů přepracovaný. K dispozici jsou zcela nové herní módy, nechybí možnost používat bojová vozidla včetně tanků a k dispozici jsou i speciálně vytvořené MP mapy.

22. 9. 2004 v 09.30 Platforma: PC Popularita: 178 Velikost: 18.5 MB Typ: Trailer


Call of Duty: United Offensive - dedikovaný linux server v1.41

Společnost Activision a tvůrčí tým Grey Matter vydali linux server update pro datadisk Call of Duty: United Offensive. Jde o update z verze 1.4 na verzi 1.41, který umožní spustit dedikovaný linux server pro hostování multiplayer her v datadisku CoD: United Offensive.

22. 9. 2004 v 07.59 Platforma: PC Popularita: 375 Velikost: 0.5 MB Typ: Update


Stahujte a hrajte singleplayer demo datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive

Společnost Activision a tvůrčí tým Grey Matter Studios vydali hratelnou demoverzi nedávno dokončeného datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive pro válečnou dramatickou 3D akci Call of Duty. Jde o samostatné singleplayer demo, které nevyžaduje původní produkt (myšleno Call of Duty) a nabízí možnost vyzkoušet úvodní level z hlavní kampaně, což je slavná Battle of the Bulge v Ardenách. Call of Duty: United Offensive je vynikající datadisk pro vynikající původní hru a dohromady se tak jedná o opravdu unikátní herní balíček. Stejně jako původní titul nabízí i datadisk strhující singleplayer kampaň složenou ze tří částí, ale tentokrát je k dispozici i propracovaný multiplayer v několika nejpopulárnějších módech a s možností využít bojová vozidla. (thx Gamer's Hell)

17. 9. 2004 v 04.42 Platforma: PC Popularita: 12318 Velikost: 230.7 MB Typ: Hratelné demo


Call of Duty: United Offensive - combat in-game video

Dramatické in-game video z datadisku pro skvělou válečnou 3D akci Call of Duty. Video je dlouhé 45 sekund a nabízí chaotické záběry přímo z bitevní vřavy.

14. 9. 2004 v 14.22 Platforma: PC Popularita: 397 Velikost: 17.2 MB Typ: Trailer


Call of Duty: United Offensive - vehicles in-game video

Další in-game video z datadisku pro válečnou 3D akci Call of Duty. Video nabízí 47 sekund záběrů ze soubojů v různých bojových prostředcích včetně tanku, nákladního vozidla, letounu, džípu a motorky.

14. 9. 2004 v 14.22 Platforma: PC Popularita: 162 Velikost: 18.4 MB Typ: Trailer


Válečné drama v intro videu z datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive

Společnost Activision vydala nové video z právě vydaného datadisku Call of Duty: United Offensive. Video je dlouhé 1 minutu 57 sekund a jedná se o část skvělého intra z plné verze hry. Nejedná se o žádný renderovaný filmeček jak je obvykle zvykem, ale o dramatické intro vytvořené přímo v enginu hry. Je až neuvěřitelné, co všechno tvůrci z týmu Grey Matter opět dokázali vymáčknout z enginu Quake III, na němž je hra postavena. Hře totiž nechybí nic, co nabízí titulu postavené na mnohem novějších enginech. K vidění jsou realistické rag-doll efekty, particle efekty při výbuších, téměř reálné pohyby vojáků a do značné míry zničitelné lokace. Kromě vylepšené vizuální stránky a skvělé válečné atmosféry datadisk nabídne novou singleplayer kampaň, kde hráč dostane šanci prožít několik slavných historických bitev. Jádro datadisku ovšem tkví v přepracovaném multiplayeru, kde dojde na použití tanků a dalších bojových vozidel. K dispozici jsou také nové multiplayer módy, nové zbraně a povolání. Díky všem těmto novým prvkům bude na rozdíl od původní hry multiplayer stejně kvalitní jako singleplayer část.

4. 9. 2004 v 13.16 Platforma: PC Popularita: 268 Velikost: 43.7 MB Typ: Trailer