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Knights of Honor - patch v1.05

Tento patch pro evropskou verzi hry, která vyšla také u nás, bohužel můžeme nabídnout bez dalšího komentáře, poněvadž jej doprovází dokumentace teprve po instalaci na samotnou hru.

27. 1. 2007 v 15.59 Platforma: PC Popularita: 3146 Velikost: 17.38 MB Typ: Update


Knights of Honor - patch v1.03 EU

Evropská pobočka společnosti Electronic Arts vydala první patch pro povedenou strategii Knights of Honor od německé společnosti Sunflowers a tvůrčího týmu Black Sea Studios. Patch hru povyšuje na v1.03 a přináší celou řadu nových prvků do single i multiplayer části hry, stejně jako odstraňuje velké množství chyba bugů včetně těch závažnějších, jež mohou způsobovat pád hry do systému. Zřejmě nejdůležitější úpravy se týkají AI protivníků i hráčových jednotek a poradců, kteří se po aplikaci patche budou chovat daleko logičtěji než dříve. Patch rovněž do hry přidává několik nových multiplayer map pro mód King of Tower. Jedná se o mapy Cold Winter, Green Heaven, Little Wood, Poor Hills, Rocky Village, Sand Sea a Small Desert. NOTE: Knights of Honor(TM) will only install and run on Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP. 1. Start your machine and wait for the Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP operating system to load. 2. Start the patch executable (.exe) and wait until installation has finished 3. Once the patch has been successfully installed, insert CD2 and start the game. Uninstall To uninstall Knights of Honor(TM) go to Programs/Black Sea Studios/Knights of Honor(TM) in the Start menu. Click on Uninstall Knights of Honor(TM) to proceed. Alternatively, click on the Start menu, select Settings and then Control Panel. Now find Add/Remove Programs and click to run. Scroll down the list until you see Knights of Honor(TM), select it and click on Add/Remove to uninstall. Please Note: Some files may remain on your PC. New Features - General: Hotkeys ('Alt+1' through 'Alt+4') are available, selecting knights respectively from 1 through 4. - General: Added new chat/console function. In SP 'Enter' invokes the new system console. In MP 'Enter' invokes chat with the all allies, while 'Shift-Enter' - chats with all players. - General: Marshal's (Player's) name is added to the UI when the knight's squad is selected. - General: Improved town gate behaviour. - General: Action commands now have fixed positions in the UI. - General: Added new icons for human and AI castles in minimap. Players are able to rollover realms, which invokes info connected to the kingdom properties. The kingdoms are selectable in the minimap political mode. - General: Added game time, so player is able to see how long it took to conquer Europe (on/off via F11 Key). - Singleplayer: Improved AI logic when defending town which has superiority. - Singleplayer: Improved AI logic for protection of skilled marshals. - Singleplayer: Improved AI logic when kingdom offers gift. - Singleplayer: Improved building AI, which now classifies the realms and applies different building tactics for each realm type. - Singleplayer: Improved trader AI logic, which now allows AI to import valuables which cannot be produced withing kingdom boundaries. - Singleplayer: Improved draft army interface in realms. - Singleplayer: Added notification when rebel captures player's realm. - Singleplayer: Added notification when puppet king dies. - Singleplayer: Added notification when player's spy becomes king of a foreign realm. - Singleplayer: Added notification of realm loss (when player's realms join neighbouring realms, declare independence). - Singleplayer: Added notification when enemy has to break aggrements with player. - Singleplayer: Added notification when Pope accepts kingdom back into Catholic church (the excommunication is over). - Singleplayer: Clicking on water in the Political View scrolls the world view to the proper location. - Singleplayer: Added mercenary cost in the mercenary tooltip. - Singleplayer: Player is able to see which units are available in realm without sending a marshal into it or when all available slots are full. - Singleplayer: Added different harbour icons in province overview dialog. When realm is able to import exotics the harbour icon changes, showing player the new opportunity. - Multiplayer: Added "Ctrl+Enter" to send a visual and audio signal on the minimap to allies. - Multiplayer: Added "Ctrl-Shift-Enter" to send a visual and audio signal on the minimap to all players (not only to allies). - Multiplayer: Press "tab"-Key to jump to the location which was shown by the latest "ping" sent - Multiplayer: Kingdom shields are added to the lower-left corner of the player's knight's portraits. - Multiplayer: New "King of Tower"-Maps added: Cold Winter Green Heaven Little Wood Poor Hills Rocky Village Sand Sea Small Desert - Multiplayer/Lobby: The last player's unit selection is stored in the player's profile. - Multiplayer/Lobby: 'Ctrl-1' through 'Ctrl-6' inserts n-th player name in the chat-line. - Multiplayer/Lobby: Experience cost is showed in the tooltip. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Improved initial army placement. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Repulsion when squads are making space for other moving squads. - Multiplayer/Closeview/Lobby: Added new enhanced tooltip for units, showing additional info such as Chance-to-Hit, Defence, Squad Size, etc. Fixed Several Bugs Which Were Causing Crashes - General: crashes from saved games sent by end users. - General: Fixed saved game crashes caused by the spy system. - General: Fixed random crashes during quick battles. - General: Fixed crash caused by system console. - Multiplayer: Fixed crash when joining MP game with the same name in password protected game. - Multiplayer: Fixed crash when player is getting kicked from the game, while buy army dialog is opened. - Multiplayer: Fixed crash when player ends MP game while simultaneously toggling "pause" on/off. General Bugfixes - General: Fixed the issue with player avatars, when there was an empty avatar page at the end of avatar list. - General: Fixed the issue causing 'Alt-Tab' not to switch to the desktop when KOH is the only application running. - General: Fixed the bad system console invalidation issue which caused part of system messages to remain on screen. - Singleplayer: Fixed the bug which caused some monasteries' progress bar to flash unpredictabally. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue of rebels' dissappearing in political view when game is paused. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue of incorrect kingdom power values while changing the kingdom's religion. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue where kingdoms ask for white peace immediately after getting paid to go to war with another kingdom. - Singleplayer: Less messages when enemy armies permanently crosses player's kingdom border. - Singleplayer: Improved AI logic, which enables assault of a realm immediately following a siege. - Singleplayer: Main UI buttons now toggle the associated UI windows on and off. - Singleplayer: Fixed the bug which prevented some diplomatic messages from closing. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue with AI generals, who try to join battles with enemies, from which they fled recently. - Singleplayer: Fixed the content of battle outcome text in cases involving Jihad warriors. - Singleplayer: Fixed the educated spy's tooltip issue which caused the cost in books not to be shown in the tooltip. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue with realms with a nostalgia of < -15, although -10 is the minimum allowed. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issues with Papacy: 1. There is no way to have the kingdom of Papacy without a Pope. 2. The kingdom of Papacy could not be excommunicated. 3. The Papacy nobles are always catholic, no matter realms region included the Papacy kingdom. 4. Spy action Excommunicate cannot be used against kingdom of Papacy. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issues with kingdoms which have no kings. - Singleplayer: Fixed the "pause during battles" issue which sometimes prevented time from stopping. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue causing noble's level to be displayed falsely in the UI. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue allowing reinforcement of battles between kingdom loyalists and kingdom allies. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue sometimes causing famous rebels to have less than 8 stars. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused knights to become deselected when clicking on minimap. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused vassality information to be incorrectly displayed. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused the "Declaring War" option to disappear when spy is working as enemy king. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused declined crusade offers to reoccur in an infinite loop. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue with incorrect "converted to paganism" message, which had wrong bad news attitude. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused a dead king's spouse to marry his sons. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which caused ally icon rollover to invoke incorrect tooltips. - Singleplayer: Fixed the issue which sometimes prevented loading progress bar from disappearing after load game process was completed. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the defending town issue which sometimes caused the AI to do nothing. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused "formation facing" commands to be "locked" when mouse crossed the bottom bar UI. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which sometimes caused defence towers located in player's fortified camp to attack own units. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused incorrect messages to appear during simultaneous close-view combat and world-view town assault. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused corpses to float on destroyed walls. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue caused units standing on walls to be displaced from the center of wall. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Removed the "Crtl-F12" hotkey. - Singleplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issues which caused units to have problems attacking gates. - Multiplayer: Fixed the issue preventing the use of "ü,ö,ä,etc." letters in password in password-protected multiplayer games. - Multiplayer: Fixed the issue causing all available games in GameSpy to be displayed corruptly in the UI when game is started as host from Game Spy. - Multiplayer: Fixed the issue which caused Game Spy Arcade rooms to be reported as created games. - Multiplayer: Fixed the kicking, closing games and different versions control issues in "Play With Friends" mode. - Multiplayer: Fixed the issues relating to updating the MP games list when player tries to enter full game. - Multiplayer: Fixed the issue which caused retired players to remain undefeated until disconneced from game. - Multiplayer: Prevented appearance of obsolete win/lose dialogs, coming from multiplayer mode, when ending game while preference dialog is opened. - Multiplayer/Closeview: (CV/MP) Fixed the issue which caused problems with unit behaviour in towers in MP "King of Tower" mode. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the long player names issue causing them to be truncated incorrectly. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused the "buy army" UI to remain open when a knight squad is deselected. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which sometimes caused units to refuse their orders. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused units to hold the formation they had during at right-drag and subsequently ignore all formation commands. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue with trebuchets built. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue with trebuchets built, but unable to shoot targets within range. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused refugees to sometimes block the tower. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused melee units to not attack "small wooden towers". - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused surrendered units on towers to block the way. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue preventing AI from using cauldrons. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused poor start positions in 6-player MP games. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused towers to shoot from their roofs in MP "King of Tower". - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused some graphics errors when AI units are spawned near walls. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue with towers not shooting in "King of Tower" MP mode. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the issue which caused players to be unable to give attack order when several of the selected squads are fleeing. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Fixed the bug which caused ghost units with 0 health to appear on minimap and battle field. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Disabled location sending in single player mode (ctrl – enter). Balancing Changes - Singleplayer: Player is unable to reinforce naval battles. - Singleplayer: AI only pays monetary tribute when the relationship >= 500. - Singleplayer: Double relationship cost for Demand Tribute Gold. - Singleplayer: Updated kingdom power cost – the cost now depends on targeted kingdom power and kingdom size. - Singleplayer: King Dead affects the relationship with all kingdoms: In case the relationship was < 0 then the relationship is increased and set to zero. In case the relationship was > 0 then the relationship is decreased and set to zero. - Singleplayer: Pause during battles on the starting Euro screen is now checked by default and does not depend upon the difficulty level. - Singleplayer: The trade income from towns is now decreased. - Singleplayer: The original noble army becomes a mercenary camp when the noble is elected as crusade leader. - Singleplayer: The two candidates' own votes do not influence the election for the ultimate conqueror of Europe. - Singleplayer: Governor recall now goes 3 times as fast. - Singleplayer: Mercenary costs have been updated and depend on the size of the kingdom. - Singleplayer: Marshal is never taken prisoner when both sides of battles are AI. - Singleplayer: Balanced King/Princes rush at the beginning of the game. - Singleplayer: Relationship changes when traders break relations. -200 relationship / when king has diplomatic skills 0 -150 relationship / when king has diplomatic skills 1 -100 relationship / when king has diplomatic skills 2 -50 relationship / when king has diplomatic skills 3 - Singleplayer: Offer/demand break relations are not free. - Singleplayer: AI does no longer wants to attack its vassal. - Singleplayer: Papacy has +50 peace points with everyone. - Singleplayer: Espionage success now depends upon the game time, causing multiple saved game reloads to produce the same spy action result. - Singleplayer: Ally and loyalist reinforcments come with 70% probability 20 seconds after start of battle. - Singleplayer: The "spy return" and "defect marshals" actions never fail. - Singleplayer: Spy is able to impersonate only when he belongs to the player. - Singleplayer: Spies are never taken prisoner when both sides are AI. - Singleplayer: When claiming realms those closest to kingdom are retrieved. - Singleplayer: Updated exotics upkeep For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 exotics. The upkeep is now 10, 30, 50, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 gold - Singleplayer: Mercenary camps now spawn randomly and there cannot be more than 20 simultaneous mercenary camps. - Singleplayer: There is now a 75% chance of a spy being caught when he attempts to reinfiltrate a kingdom from which he has escaped. - Multiplayer: Updated unit experience costs: For Units which cost <= 300 gold: Exp 1 -> 50 gold Exp 2 -> 100 gold Exp 3 -> 150 gold For Units which cost <= 600 gold : Exp 1 -> 100 gold Exp 2 -> 200 gold Exp 3 -> 300 gold For Units which cost > 600 gold : Exp 1 -> 200 gold Exp 2 -> 300 gold Exp 3 -> 400 gold - Multiplayer: Updated unit cost depending on number of units already purchased: When player already has 1-2 units of the same type the price is +10%. When player already has 3-4 units of the same type the price is +25%. When player already has 5-6 units of the same type the price is +50%. When player already has 7-8 units of the same type the price is +100%. When player already has 9-10+ units of the same type the price is +300%. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Stamina refills 50% slower while walking. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Charge requires stamina of 75% or higher. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Units in tents refill at percentage per second, not at units per second. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Units are able to slay retreating unit. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Units in tents can now be attacked and have a 50% defence penalty. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Units run in directly into formation when breaking tents. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Added bonuses for some units when they are placed in forests. - Multiplayer/Closeview: Auto repair for burnt units is 5 times slower. Video / 3D Card Troubleshooting Computer hardware manufacturers are constantly updating their driver software to ensure the best possible performance for their hardware when using the latest software programs. If your system is not using the latest drivers please consider obtaining an updated driver. Doing so may also offer added benefits such as increased performance, the resolution of a technical problem and new component features. Well known video card manufacturers offering updated drivers: Default Graphics Settings The first time Knights of Honor(TM) is started, a system check is performed and default levels are set for the options on the initial setup menu. These default levels are set to provide the best game play experience possible based on the hardware detected in your system. Peripherals Knights of Honor(TM) only supports Microsoft Windows compatible keyboards and mice. Troubleshooting - We strongly advise that you have the latest motherboard chipset software drivers installed. These are periodically updated drivers that provide enhanced chipset support under Microsoft Windows operating systems. Installing these drivers can improve performance, fix issues and minimize any incompatibilities that you may experience. The most common motherboard chipset manufacturers are listed below, and updated drivers can be found on their websites: Direct HTML links as of the date of this readme are : Intel: Via: Homepages are: INTEL: VIA: - Background tasks such as Anti-Virus and Crash Guard programs can use up valuable system resources. We recommend closing these before running Knights of Honor(TM). NB: Do not click on End Process for any of the processes listed below. System Idle Process System winlogon.exe services.exe svchost.exe spoolsv.exe csrss.exe hidserv.exe MSTask.exe WinMgmt.exe taskmgr.exe IEXPLORE.EXE Explorer.EXE Also please ensure that you re-enable background tasks after playing the game or they will remain unavailable. - If you find that you are experiencing performance issues please ensure that you follow the below tips: . Run ScanDisk (Win98/ME)/Error-Checking (Win 2000/XP) to detect and repair disk errors and bad sectors on your hard drive . Run Disk Defragmenter to ensure that the data on your hard drive is properly organised. . Run Disk Cleanup to clear unnecessary files from your system. Consult the Windows Help Guides for information on running the above tools. Windows Help can be accessed by clicking on the Start button and selecting Help (or Help and Suppport for Windows XP) . Ensure that your video card has the latest drivers by visiting your card manafacturers' website. If there is no improvement then download the latest driver from the chipset manafacturers website. . If you are experiencing choppy or stuttering sound then download and install the latest driver for your soundcard from the soundcard manafacturers' website. . Experiment with your ingame Preferences options. . Reconfigure your initial settings by selecting Start/Program files/Black Sea Studios/Knights of Honor(TM)/Configure Knights of Honor(TM) - Task switching is not fully supported while running Knights of Honor(TM). If you use the Alt-Tab, CTRL+ALT+DEL or other Windows functions, then you may experience problems. Help If the above does not resolve your problem other valuable support information can be found at

30. 11. 2004 v 16.08 Platforma: PC Popularita: 3113 Velikost: 20.5 MB Typ: Update


Vyzkoušejte anglické demo historické strategie Knights of Honor

Pouze několik dní po vydání německé demoverze vydala společnost Electronic Arts i anglickou demoverzi historické strategie od týmů Sunflowers a Black Hole Games. Aktuální anglická demoverze se od té německé liší pouze svojí velikostí. Po obsahové stránce je zcela totožná. To znamená, že je k dispozici hra za dvě království, přičemž jedno je království skotské a to druhé je české. Ještě než se vrhnete do hry za jedno z výše jmenovaných království, měli byste projít všemi tutoriály, které jsou kompletní včetně anglického audio komentáře. K dispozici je dále možnost zabojovat si na jedné singleplayer mapě nazvané Open Battlefield a nechybí ani multiplayer pro šest hráčů na mapách Open Battlefield a King of Tower.

28. 9. 2004 v 03.53 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1808 Velikost: 255 MB Typ: Hratelné demo


Zahrajte si německé SP/MP demo historické strategie Knights of Honor

Společnosti Electronic Arts, Sunflowers a tvůrčí tým Black Hole Games vydali přesně (před deseti dny slíbenou) hratelnou demoverzi historické strategie Knights of Honor. Zatím je bohužel k dispozici pouze německá verze dema, ale zbylé dvě (anglická, francouzská) by měly být k dispozici velmi brzy. Pokud tedy umíte německy, nebo nechcete čekat a nechybí vám odvaha postavit se v demu všudypřítomné němčině, můžete se těšit na možnost vyzkoušet hru za dvě království s kompletním tutoriálem a audio komentářem. K dispozici je buď hra za království skotské, nebo (a to je mnohem zajímavější) za království české. Demo dále nabízí možnost vyzkoušet boj v jedné singleplayer bitvě na mapě Open Battlefield. Nechybí samozřejmě ani slíbený multiplayer prvek, který si můžete vyzkoušet až v 6 hráčích na dvou mapách - Open Battlefield a King of Towers. Hned jak bude k dispozici anglická demoverze, dáme vám o tom samozřejmě vědět.

24. 9. 2004 v 14.13 Platforma: PC Popularita: 364 Velikost: 311.7 MB Typ: Hratelné demo


Knights of Honor - intro video

Téměř tři minuty dlouhá renderovaná intro sekvence s dokonalým hudebním doprovodem, střihem i emocionálním nábojem.

14. 9. 2004 v 08.44 Platforma: PC Popularita: 385 Velikost: 59.7 MB Typ: Trailer