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Downloady ke hře Hearts of Iron 2 pro PC

Hearts of Iron 2 - Unlocker

Save ze hry - začíná roku 1936

22. 3. 2006 v 23.37 Platforma: PC Popularita: 112 Velikost: 1 MB Typ: Cheat/Návod


Hearts of Iron 2 - +4 Trainer

4 Funkční trainer - peníze, zdroje, produkce, pátrání

22. 3. 2006 v 23.35 Platforma: PC Popularita: 144 Velikost: 0.02 MB Typ: Cheat/Návod


Hearts of Iron 2 - +3 Trainer

3 Funkční trainer - peníze, zdroje, produkce

22. 3. 2006 v 23.33 Platforma: PC Popularita: 97 Velikost: 0.02 MB Typ: Cheat/Návod


Hearts of Iron 2 - patch v1.3a

Patch v1.3a pro historickou strategii Hearts of Iron 2 přichází jen pár dní po patchi v1.3 a přináší opravy řady bugů a nesrovnalostí menšího významu, které tvůrci nestihli zařadit do patche v1.3.

22. 11. 2005 v 11.23 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1664 Velikost: 31.2 MB Typ: Update


Hearts of Iron 2 - patch v1.3

Patch v1.3 pro historickou strategii Hearts of Iron 2 od Paradox Interactive přináší po roce opět masivní množství změn a oprav týkající se prakticky všech částí hry včetně AI, hratelnosti, uživatelského rozhraní, historických událostí a dalších. ********************************** ******* Gameplay Balancing ******* ********************************** ** Diplomatic - Coups now have a much bigger chance to actually succeed. - Now a puppet can't invite his master to an alliance. - Now you will get a dissent hit when liberating a puppet. - You now recieve a boost of 2 steps on interventonism instead of 1 whenever someone atacks someone you guarantee. ** Common Military - Larger nations in the same alliance will now take control over provinces as they invade allies occupied overseas territories, to maintain coherent supplied fronts. - Fixed so that when you liberate a province occupied by your enemy, while you not have access with the original owner, then you take control over it directly. - Fixed a loophole that allowed someone to immediately deploy divisions that are in delayed strat-redeploy. - Rebalanced settings for partisans and transport capacity. - Whenever a new model is researched, the older models are automatically scrapped, this is of course not valid for fleets. - Minister research modifiers for technology is now applied. - Its no longer possible to scout radar/rocket/nuke sites by just clicking on an enemy province. ** Land - Due to fun exploits units in strat redeployment are now deployed back to where they came from if possible, or the closest controlled province from that position. These units also drop out to the closest possible place as soon as the target is overrun. - Brigades can now be assigned to units in provinces that have the same owner as the owner of the unit. - The chance for a Encirclement or Breakthrough will now be happen 10% more often for every 1 km/h over 3 km/h. There is a cap on 40%. - Units retreating to enemy-controlled territory with enemy units in both target and source province will now be eliminated. - Reduced the toughness of more advanced infantry models somewhat. - Raised the toughness values of the earlier MOT divisions to generally be 2 points above their equivalent regular INF counterparts. - Softness of MOT & MEC divisions now decreases when models get more advanced. - Doubled the movement & attack penalties in frozen & mud conditions. - Supply & fuel usage of brigades is now 40% of the old values. - Heavy Armor and Super Heavy Armor brigades are now allowed to be attached to INF (if you're stupid enough ) - Manpower requirement for Mountaineers and Marines changed from 10 to 15, like Paras already had (--> elite troops) - Buildtime for Mountaineers, Marines and Paratroopers increased by 30 days - Tech difficulty of Mountaineer, Marines and Paratrooper techs increased by 1 (5 to 6) - Edited the Engineer brigade as follows: MP need from 2.0 to 2.5, lowered their speed bonus from 1 to 0.5 and added a small fuelconsumption of 0.2 to them. This keeps them a very strong brigade but less of a no-brainer. - Edited the tech tree of mtn, par & mar a bit and fixed a bug there - Lowered the MP requirement for garrisons ** Naval - Made a full overhaul of CV & CAG balance. - Tweaked the CL subattack values to 1-1-2-2-3-4 in that order of appearance - Tweaked the DD ranges to be the same as the various CL ranges - Fixed a bug in the range for Nuclear Battlecruisers - Lowered air defence of submarines somewhat - Lowered speed for 36 & 39 infantry by one point (5-->4). - Research difficulty of legged division types raised by 1 across the board. - Research difficulty for most brigades dropped by 2 across the board. ** Air - Only airunits on air-superiority mission will now attempt to engage other airunits in the same province. - Increased effect from interdiction by 66%. - Starting efficiency of AA is now 10%. - Reduced the effcts of Static AA improvements - Rewrote targeting algoritms for ground attack and interdiction, to focus on combats as much as possible. - Air battle XP gain lowered from 2.25 to 2 - Reduced the cost of transport_planes a tiny bit. - Lowered the naval attack ratings of naval bombers by 3 for each model. - Gave CAS the same naval attack value as their equivalent naval bomber models, with a correction of -2. So if a NAV has a NA of 9, the equivalent CAS has 7. - Gave TAC a +2 boost to their strategic attack rating. - Raised the cost for flying bombs and flying rockets (2 IC for bomb, 3 for the first two rockets, 4 for the ICBM) - Tweaked the starting efficiency of AA batteries downward, their efficiency now increases exponentially when more advanced AA batteries become available. - Raised Soft and Hard Attack values on CAS by 2,2,3,3 over the various levels. CAS gets an additional 1 point in Hard Attack at Improved and Advanced models. - Naval stacking penalty is now applied properly versus air-units bombing them as well. ** Economical - A puppet now has a max-pool of 1000 instead of 100 in resources. - Now it is possible to build coastal fort, land fort, anti air, infrastructure, airbase, naval base, radar station, nuclear reactor, rocket test site, and factory in occupied territories. - Tweaked a lot of techteams, leaders & ministers. - Lowered cost of Radar Stations from 3 to 2 ***************************************** ******* Interface Enhancements ********** ***************************************** - Interface: Armies are now sorted by division type. - Current capital is now shown on the capital button in a province instead of 'set capital'. - Added amounts to tooltips for metal energy etc in province list. ******************************* ******* AI Improvements ******* ******************************* ** Misc - Rewrote trade AI to look at last 30 days of income instead of current situation only. - The AI will no longer attempt to retreat if under military control. - Added preferred doctrines to lots of different countries. - All countries had infantry techs added to prefered research list ** Construction AI - Added some inertia to the AI's slider management. - Improved the ai building logics, fixing several bugs which caused it to ignore preferences set in scripts. - Rewrote some aspects of the "relative=no buildscheme" to make it spread even between land/naval/air depending on script. - Improved AI to make it better at always building the latest stuff it has technology for. ** Land AI - AI learned to analyse fortress effects on odds properly. Old scripted evals are no longer supported. - Improved the ai troop deployment algoritms to make them use troops at more theaters if they have more. - Improved AI reaction for garrison and reserves. - Passivity is now ignored versus any nation controlled by a human. - The AI learned to consider allied player-units in the combat together with it when determening if to retreat or not. - Changed alot of global odds calculations. - All AI Files updated to have several more front AI parms use the settings right from the exe - Garrison AI now ignores bombers bombing the ground when considering combats it must garrison against. ** Naval AI - AI's ASW units will no longer move into areas where they are scripted to ignore. - Rewrote AI fleet composition logics to use carriers almost exclusively in battle fleets instead of in small ASW fleets. - The AI learned to not let its transport fleets sit around on the ocean waiting. - The Naval AI will no longer let his ASW fleets sit on the ocean waiting, when going to peace. - Wolfpack AI are now more likely to actually go out and sink enemy shipping. - Rewrote logics for invasion, and the AI will now actually do lots of them. - The transportation/invasion AI now reacts a fair bit quicker. - Fixed a problem with the transport AI that made it refuse to transport troops to some types of territories. - All minors have naval specifc areas where their fleets will stay in. - The AI now knows how to reinforce overseas territories it conquers from an enemy. - Changed naval ai to concentrate it's attack fleets more. ** Air AI - The AI now runs its air-missions at a minimum of 50% org and strength. - Made some improvements to logics that would cause the air-AI to sleep sometimes after a rebase. ** Commonwealth AI (ENG+SAF+CAN+AST+NZL) - ENG should do a better garrison of the UK - ENG had his prefered ports changed slightly so its harder for GER to get to them - ENG had a change in his Battle for Britain AI so he does not shift his troops in the UK around so much - ENG added Glasgow to coastal fort list in 36 - ENG added SAF to his preferd trading list - ENG builds adjusted in 1936, he will build less garrison and more destroyers - ENG had a bug fixed in his construction AI - ENG had a few beaches in Africa and the Middle East put on ignore for garrison purposes - ENG had his builds adjusted slightly - ENG had his Naval AI enhanced to ignore the pacific if Japan is at war with them and the USA - ENG had his research prios adjusted a little - ENG had some fixes in his Naval AI when ignoring the Med if Italy is atwar with them - ENG has a minsiter AI - ENG has a new Air AI that adjust to enemy fleets moving near its home country and when he invades Europe - ENG has a new construction AI that will fluctuate with his main enemies builds - ENG has a new Italian invasion AI - ENG has a new naval AI (should make it harder for GER to trick him to port strike and counter with nav bombers) - ENG Naval AI learned how to monitor his naval combat ability to fight in the med. - ENG no longer has a target list for the admiral section - ENG should do a better job protecting his beaches - ENG should no longer offer white peace to Axis - ENG will build coastal forts on most of their mainland beaches - ENG will fortify Alexandria - ENG will no longer build coastal forts in Gibraltar (he will build regular forts) - ENG will put more troops in ENG than overseas while at peace in the 36GC - ENG will rotate his naval AI if he detects USA launching D-Day and send EXP forces - ENG will try and keep his transport fleet up - ENG will turn his Norway invasion on and off as needed - ENG will no longer send their fleets near the coast of Norway or Germany - AST had his builds adjusted - AST had his EXP force ration lowered from 0.25 to 0.15 - AST has a minister AI - AST raised neutrality from 50 to 80 - SAF has a minister AI - SAF raised neutrality from 50 to 80 - CAN has a minister AI - CAN no longer has a target list for the admiral section - CAN raised neutrality from 50 to 80 ** French AI (FRA+VIC) - FRA bug fixed were French kepted sending his fleet off Norway coast - FRA had some beaches around the world put on ignore list - FRA has a homeland defense AI (He will try and pull forces back to France - FRA has a minister AI - FRA has a new building AI that switches depending on what his main enemies are doing - FRA no longer has a target list for the admiral section - FRA should no longer try an invasion of Denmark while waitting for Germany to attack - FRA will defend SPA/SPR border if ITA DOW either SPR/SPA them - FRA will guard the Spanish border if SPR or SPA allies with GER or SOV - FRA will ignore borders with CYN and CGX plus his overseas garrison has been adjusted - FRA will no longer send their fleets near the coast of Norway or Germany - VIC had adjustments made to garrison AI so he keeps most of his army in Vichy Main- - VIC will now garrison his home country as well as overseas ** German AI (GER) - GER AI has 3 sub patrol patern AIs which he will select one every 2 months - GER Air AI completely re-written with new event codding. Germany will now adjust his air missions depending on circumstances in game. He will also refresh his Air AI every single month to fix the sleeping air ai bug - GER allied with SPA/SPR he will not wait till the spring to attack FRA - GER and ITA will replace their lost paratroopers if they have transport planes - GER attack on YUG AI tweaked to be more aggressive - GER DOWing of Russia enhanced: starting in July he does a daily check on how many forces he has on the front before DOW - GER Fixed and issue where German subs where going through areas and virtually commiting suicide - GER fixed the Stuggart empty province when attacking POL bug - GER Garrisoning of the Baltic beaches updated with the new flag event design it will now fire as many time as need be no matter how back and forth the allies do to get access to the baltic - GER had a bug fix in his Russian invasion buildup AI - GER had a fix in his YUG buildup AI that would cause French beaches not to be covered - GER had another bug fix in his buildup on the Russian front AI - GER had another change to his minister AI - GER had his monitoring of the Baltic for enemy ships tweeked - GER had Lomza (486) added to his buildup for Russian invasion - GER had some tweeks to his minister AI - GER had the entire Baltic added to CORE list in admiral section - GER has a new build AI - GER has an improved Sea Lion AI - GER Hoepner will become Chief of Staff if not atwar - GER invading norway will concentrate his fleets better for this - GER invasion of France AI improved a little - GER invasion of NOR, SWE or FIN AI has been changed to now execute under certain conditions and no longer dependent on the Atmark event. - GER invasion of Norway AI tweaked - GER invasion of Yugoslavia will happen if Germany plans to invade Russia - GER Jodl will become Chief of Staff if atwar with SOV - GER Learned how to attack Poland due to an early war with France if he is planning on attacking Russia - GER learned how to build up and invade Yugoslavia - GER Learned how to buildup prior to his invasion of Spain - GER learned how to change some of his ministers around for better performance - GER Learned how to mass at the low countries before he invades (if early war starts) - GER Minister AI changed a little due to changes in minister traits - GER minor tweek to minister AI - GER should no longer build Strategic Bombers - GER should not really DOW anyone if it has been puppeted - GER switches to a standard front AI on occasion to save supply usage (more like camp up for the winter and wait) - GER updated for Armament minister changes - GER Von Bock will become Chief of Army if atwar with SOV - GER will attack YUG in February instead of March - GER will build a few more garrison units - GER Will build a few more transports in the 36GC early on (Help with Norway) - GER will build less transport planes (changed to reactive AI file) - GER will build max 2 air transports and try and always keep it at 2 - GER will build some strategic bombers - GER will cancel Sea Lion and go after Russia if he has no transports to invade with - GER will garrison some of the ports on the French and German coast - GER will keep a solid presence of submarines - GER will keep his cap at about 10 subs during peace and when atwar he will go up to 20 - GER will keep his fleets in the Atlantic, Med and Northesea area - GER will no longer give FIN exp forces if atwar with SOV - GER will no longer send EXP forces to anyone (this solved the ships in the channel problem and trying to go to Ethiopia) - GER will no longer send EXP forces to FIN (was causing to many probs in Norway) - GER will no longer send his fleet out into the Atlantic if a historical game is going on till he starts his low countries invasion - GER will send ITA allot of troops to defend Italy under certain conditions - GER wont DOW SOV unless he has about 4/5th the size army of the soviets or better - GER Yugoslavia invasion AI tweaked - GER Paratrooper Reactive events are turned back on - Fixed GER winter war (attacking SOV) trigger events *** Italian AI (ITA) - ITA Bug keeping 10 divisions in Ethiopia has been fixed - ITA builds changed slightly - ITA fixed a bug in his invasion of Greece where if he lost territory to France he would not invade Greece - ITA had his early years garrison AI adjusted - ITA has a build AI - ITA has a minister AI - ITA has a new Air AI that decides prios between Naval and Ground support - ITA Home garrison multiplier lowered to 0.5 unless threatened - ITA Invasion AI to switches around with Naval AI beach prios - ITA invasion of Greece AI improved - ITA neutrality lowered when certain conditions are met (was 95 now goes down to 50) - ITA switching between his Russian, Greece and Homeland AIs have been improved and updated to new style so they can switch around as much as needed - ITA will build a paratrooper(AI_Reactive.txt) - ITA will no longer send EXP forces to GER, ROM, HUN, BUL, FIN this is to keep his nav bombers in the Med - ITA will release more troops for combat once Greece Falls - ITA Will research Multi Role Fighters - ITA will tighten his homeland defenses under certain conditions - ITA Paratrooper Reactive events are turned back on - ITA has a new Naval AI that will shift it's forces around the Med (including subs in the Altantic) *** Japanese AI (JAP) - JAP 36GC Build AI adjusted to build destroyers and not just ground troops - JAP fixed a problem with backoff AI that was causing JAP to sleep a little on the front - JAP had a bug in build prios missing 4 points in 1936 AI - JAP had a major bug fix in his Pacific War AI that was causing him to stop after conquering PHI - JAP had Carrier techs added to his prefer research list - JAP had his attack on China AI improved a bit more - JAP had his backoff AI not fire if CHI is human controlled - JAP had minor change to his minister AI - JAP had some changes to his build AI weights and front distribution - JAP has a build transport AI and will always try and keep at least a level of 10 transports - JAP has a homeland defense AI now - JAP has a new Air AI that prios and shifts when need be - JAP has a new construction AI that fluctuates depending on what his enemies do - JAP has a new passive AI if he gets control of Indo-China and Siam allies with him he will be passive against CGX and CYN - JAP has an entire new Pacific War AI that shifts prios around in the Pacific as need be - JAP invasion of PHI AI had his Naval AI tightened up to be more focused - JAP learned how to switch his ministers around depending on in-game circumstances - JAP minor changes to production prios - JAP no longer has any passitivity for most of the warlords - JAP should loose less ground to CHI if he taks Hainan - JAP should no longer accept white peace from Warlords - JAP should no longer DOW the allies in 1940 - JAP should not DOW the USA if it has been puppeted - JAP some changes to his backoff garrison AI to help with Pacific War - JAP updated with new beaches - JAP will adjust himself in attacking China and increase the amount of territory he wants on an anual basis if he looses territory he will go back on the attack if he is below his quota (AI vs AI only) - JAP will always keep his fleets in the Pacific area - JAP will have more diplomatic resistance to USA, ENG, FRA and SOV - JAP will invade central or south China if the Chinese are not garrisoning those areas well - JAP will monitor Chinas politics and get involved if it feels threatened - JAP will no longer launch invasions in Chinese central area if it is AI vs AI - JAP will use his Prince of Terror minister under certain circumstances *** Soviet Union AI (SOV) - SOV bug where he DOWed GER for no reason fixed - SOV does a better buildup for the Winter War - SOV DOWing of Baltic states event broken into 3 events (one for each baltic state) - SOV fix to garrison buildup in response to GER border buildup when trying to invade FIN - SOV fixed a bug that caused SOV to get a quick jump on FIN - SOV fixed a Murmansk garrison bug - SOV had a bug fix in his new Finland AI - SOV had a minor bug fix in his build AI - SOV had some tweeks to his minister AI - SOV has a new build prio AI - SOV is more intelligent with his builds if GER is human controled - SOV learned how to counter attack the Fins if they advance while at war with Germany - SOV learned how to monitor their border with German (if historical) and to try and match buildup - SOV learned how to use his ministers - SOV should no longer charge into ROM when GER DOWs them - SOV should not cave into demands very easily - SOV Upgrade cap to 0.15 whilte at war - SOV Upgrade cap to 0.25 while at peace - SOV will concentrate more on upgrading of units while at peace - SOV will load a handicap AI against GER to give them a chance on invasion - SOV will now monitor GER aggression against the Baltics and Turkey - SOV will now react to an aggressive Germany better he may push into the baltics and poland early to get to Germany - SOV will take advantage of the 36GC and mass build IC - Fixed SOV winter war (being attacked by GER) trigger events *** United Staes AI (USA) - USA DDay AI Greatly inproved - USA DDay AI will reload if he gets pushed out of France - USA had a bug fix to his invade UK AI - USA had a bug fixed in his construction AI - USA had Carrier techs added to his prefer research list - USA had more changes done to his DDay - USA has a homeland defense AI were he will mass build ground forces to defend the USA. This is a new AI flag event design that will fire no matter how many times you invade the USA. - USA has a minister AI - USA has a much more complicated Embargo AI against ITA, GER and JAP - USA has a new construction AI that will fluctuate with his main enemies builds - USA has a new Italian invasion AI - USA may invade the UK if it is taken over by an enemy - USA may invade the UK if they are atwar - USA should no longer offer white peace to Axis - USA will take advantage of the 36GC and mass build IC - USA will try and keep his transport fleet up *** European Minors AI - AUS raised neutrality from 30 to 90 - BEL has a DDay AI - BUL has a minister AI - BUL will send EXP forces to Germany - FIN had some bug fixes to various AI events - FIN has a minister AI - FIN has a new Winter War AI (not so aggressive) he tries to protect his home country mainly - FIN raised neutrality from 30 to 70 - FIN will no longer auto join a German AI if he has hardly any army left from the winter war - GRE raised neutrality from 80 to 90 - HOL has a DDay AI - HOL has a much more complicated Embargo AI against ITA, GER and JAP - HUN has a minister AI - HUN should cover the SOV border if he goes aggressive - HUN will go on the offensive and invade other countries if CZE caves in to his territorial demands - HUN will go up to 95% of his forces as EXP to GER when atwar with SOV - IRE has a minister AI - IRE raised neutrality from 80 to 90 - NOR raised neutrality from 30 to 90 - POL will defend his entire border until he views GER as a large threat then he will switch everything against GER - POR raised neutrality from 95 to 110 - ROM has a minister AI - ROM will go up to 90% of his forces as EXP to GER when atwar with SOV - ROM, BUL, HUN events for handing YUG territory to GER (AI Controlled) had a bug fix - SLO should not cave into HUN demands so easily anymore - SLO will no longer send EXP forces to Finland - SPA (44 scenario) raised neutrality from 80 to 120 - SPA has a minister AI - SPA/SPR should no longer DOW Slovakia - SPR has a minister AI - SPR/SPA had neutrality increased once the civil war starts - SWE has a minister AI - SCH has a minister AI - TUR has a minister AI - YUG has a minister AI *** American Minors AI - ARG has a minister AI - ARG raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - BOL raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - BRA has a minister AI - CHL has a minister AI - CHL raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - COL has a minister AI - COL raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - COS has a minister AI - CUB has a minister AI - DOM has a minister AI - ECU has a minister AI - ECU raised neutrality from 80 to 90 - GUA has a minister AI - HAI has a minister AI - HON has a minister AI - MEX has a DDay AI - MEX has a minister AI - MEX raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - NIC has a minister AI - PAN has a minister AI - VEN has a minister AI - VEN raised neutrality from 80 to 95 - URU has a minister AI *** Asian Theatre AI - CHC had a change to his inherit CHI event to make it harder for them to be inherited - SIA will send 50% of his troops as EXP forces to JAP if they are allied and not atwar with ENG - CGX had bug fixes done to his ChinaFeeder event chain - CGX will attack JAP if he looses some home territory - CGX will put all his forces under Chinese control for certain circumstances - CHC fixed a bug that made CHC to aggressive - CHC had a 120 day handicapp added against CXB and CHI - CHC had his passitivity removed agains CHI - CHC has a more defensive AI against JAP but will go on the attack if they loose territory or SOV DOW Japan - CHC will leave the United front if CHI is AI controled and give military access to CHI and should not accept peace with anyone - CHI EXP Force feeder from Warlords will adjust up and down to keep a 0.8 ratio with AI JAP or 1.2 ratio with Human JAP - CHI fixed a problem wich caused them to be more aggressive than they should be. - CHI had bug fixes done to his ChinaFeeder event chain - CHI had his passitivity and handicap removed when atwar with JAP - CHI had his passitivity removed against CHC - CHI had some changes done to his garrison settings for war with JAP - CHI learned how to use his ministers - CHI will adjust himself along side with JAP in regards to territory lost quotas if he looses more than he should he will go back on the attack ferociously (AI vs AI only) - CHI will concentrate more on upgrading units than building new ones - CHI will launch less counter attacks against JAP (AI Controled)... CHI was wearing himself out slowly - CXB had a bug fix to his border Garrison force shifting AI - CXB had bug fixes done to his ChinaFeeder event chain - CXB will now give a 0.4 exp ration in the 36GC - CXB Will put his entire army under Chinese control under certain circumstances - CYN had bug fixes done to his ChinaFeeder event chain - CYN will attack JAP if he looses some home territory - CZE resistant to claims has been raised a little - MEN has an AI file - MON will only release EXP forces to SOV under certain conditions - NEP has a minister AI - NZL has a minister AI - SIK had bug fixes done to his ChinaFeeder event chain - TAN will only release EXP forces to SOV under certain conditions - Warlord events all moved out of AI_CHI.txt file into their appropriate files - Warlords have a new EXP force feeder AI that will try and keep JAP and CHI at a 0.8 military ratio instead of sending everything in one shot - Warlords should not longer accept white peace with JA *** Misc National AI. - LIB has a minister AI - PHI had his builds adjusted to build more ships - SAL has a minister AI - SAU has a minister AI ******************************* ******* Modding Support ******* ******************************* - Added an 'army = X' trigger which returns true if that country has at least that many land-divisions. - Added a 'day = x' trigger. - Added a 'land_percentage = { country = XXX value = 1.2 }' trigger that returns true if the target has at least 120% of the number of land-divisions the desired opponent has. - Added "manpower = X" to the free-resources field. - Global flags now work the same way as local flags. - Added a "free_manpower" event command. ************************ ******* Bugfixes ******* ************************ - Tracked down and fixed a bug which gave fleets perfect positioning after 1 hour. - Fixed a crashbug with aircombat. - Divisiontype-triggers now work properly. - Fixed a bug with actual manpower used for reinforcement being bigger than it should be. - Fixed the problem where a convoy from puppet's would never ship the resources. - Fixed several event commands which caused crashes if they referred to countries not existing anymore. - Fixed a crashbug which happened when a large navalcombat occurred with hundreds of ships got sunk. - Divisions in strategic redeployment and under construction are now considered for the division-types trigger. - Fixed the minister trigger so that it will not return true if the ministers startdate has not arrived OR the minister is dormant. - Fixed the Vichy crashbug. - Liberating a puppet now doesn't unlock all secret techs for the puppet. - Removed crash on MAKE_PUPPET command when the new puppet was allied with the new puppeteer. - Units Loaded onto transports now leaves combat. - Leaders no longer lost upon annexation. - Friendly troops aboard alliance transports no longer become citizens of the nation's ships upon reload. - Tracked down and fixed reason for mismatch on serial production of province developments in MP. - Fixed pathfinding for aircrafts and other units, used an inadmissible heuristic for a* before. - Fixed puppets leaving masters alliance. ********************** ******* Events ******* ********************** ** Misc - Fixed a bunch of scripting errors in various event files - The 'Major Worker Strike' random event won't happen anymore in a national socialist or fascist country. - Edited the Lend-Lease events a bit more to make them trigger every 9 months (no random trigger) but with higher chance of rejection by the USA to counter this. - Edited the USA Lend-Lease to Nationalist China event, it should now actually trigger more often. - Reworked the amount of offmap goodies the various revolters get. - The 'Cold War gets hot' events can now hit as early as 1936. - Cold War Gets Hot event now checks for more stuff :-) ** Europe - Completely reworked the way Vichy is handled. Vichy now has a ton of events to handle various colonies seceding, Operation Torch, the Vichy surrender and more... - Germany, Italy, USSR, UK & France now get some blueprints should they intervene in the Spanish Civil War and their side wins. - Reworked the triggers to the Hitler Assassination events extensively. The event will now have a chance of occuring when the war goes bad, and not necessarily when you have alot of dissent. - The following ministers/leaders will no longer be slept when Hitler is assassinated: Heinz Guderian, Walther von Brauchitsch, Eberhard Milch - German government should now be properly made PA when Hitler has been assassinated (Beck-Goerdeler government) - Edited the trigger of the German 'Easter Poland to the USSR' event to make it trigger properly - Removed the intervenionist slider moves for Germany in the Spanish Civil War, Rheinland and Anschluss events. Extra moves added to Sudetenland Events - Edited the 'German annexation of Czechoslovakia' event trigger a bit - Tweaked the trigger of the Anschluss event somewhat - Added some forgotten province ID's to Bitter Peace events - Reworked the Molotov-Ribbentrop sequence severely. - Smaller German allies now have an event to return provinces when Molotov-Ribbentrop triggers - Amended an event in the Molotov-Ribbentrop chain a bit as to not always cause a DOW from SOV upon GER - If Molotov-Ribbentrop choice b or c is taken, the Winter War event won't happen anymore (anachronistic). - Amended the USSR 'Moving Industry to Siberia' events so the USSR does not *gain* IC anymore. - The various USSR ground_def_eff tweaking events (2651 to 2659) now properly sleep the 'cheated' event 2660 to prevent exploits - There now is an AI_Event to make sure the USSR AI doesn't get *too* high ground_def_eff - Added in three AI_Events for the USSR to release and puppetize BUL, CZE and POL after the war. - If Molotov-Ribbentrop choice b or c is taken, the Winter War event won't happen anymore (anachronistic) - The End of the Winter War got its trigger reworked - Action_b of the End of the Winter War now drops relations alot more and end possible SOV non_aggression pacts with Allies & Germany - Fixed a problem with the Soviet Claims on Bessarabia event - Tweaked splitting of czech army after the Munich event-series. - The 'End of Czechoslovakia' was tweaked a bit so that most of the territory doesn't go to HUN anymore - Added new event The End of Czechoslovakia (2041) an ahistorical case that HUN does not exist - The The End of Czechoslovakia (2040) will not happen if CZE is a puppet - Enchanced the triggers for Great Patriotic War so that it does not trigger multiple times. - Yugoslavia should now also sign peace with the Allies and (possibly) the USSR when they withdraw from the Axis - Deleted the puppet commands for POL, BUL & CZE from event 35. - Denmark, Norway and Luxembourg should now be set free by the Allies when Germany surrenders - Allies should now also correctly cede Greek, Czech, Italian and Hungarian provinces when Germany surrenders - Croatia now gets a tiny bit of free_ic and stuff to be at least viable when they are released by GER - There now is a French variant of the Liberation of Europe event - Amended the Surrender of Italy trigger a bit - The events concerning the Creation of Slovakia have been reworked - Moved the alliance command in the Croatian Independance events from the CRO event to the GER event so that Croatia now actually *joins* the Axis upon creation - Edited the 'UK Guarantee of Polish Independance' trigger a bit - Churchill can now also come to power if ENG ends up at war with SOV (anti-commie role) - The Spanish Civil War Intervention events for FRA, ENG and SOV now checks for those countries *not* being in an alliance with Republican Spain - Extensively reworked the way Slovakia is established - Added a death event for Finnish PM Kyösti Kallio - The End of Germany event series now make Niels Bohr return to Denmark (slept in USA) - There's now an event that removes the Maginot line when its flanked. - There's now an event series that makes Bulgaria claim the Constanta region from Romania. If the claims are refused, this might lead to a Third Balkan War. - Tweaked some AI_chances in Anschluss and Leadership of Free France events - Reduced '36 GC FRA MP by 100 and added +15MP to the FRA Gearing up for War event (52) - Germany now gets allied to Hungary if they chose to partition Czechoslovakia with them instead of installing Tiso. - Fixed a few problems with the Annexation of Czechoslovakia events - There's now an event that removes the Maginot line when its flanked - Thoroughly reworked the Italian surrender chain's triggers and effects. - Reworked the various events that tweaked the GDE of the USSR. At long last, all scenarios should now be corresponding correctly. - When the Netherlands and Belgium are overrun, their European provinces become owned by Germany now. NOTE: Their troops will keep on fighting since they 'continue the fight from the colonies'. - If Poland declines an alliance with the United Kingdom or the United Kingdom does not offer an alliance at all, Poland has a higher chance of caving in to Germany demanding Danzig. - Croatia now properly gets less free_ic when liberated (3 <--> 7). **USA - Fixed the three 'US Gearing up for War' triggers so that they don't return true in the first few days of the game anymore - Tweaked and reworked the 'USA Gearing up for War' event chain. - Tweaked the triggers for the Undeclared War and the Arsenal for Democracy events. - Added some logical Monroe Doctrine triggers to events 56, 57 & 58 - The USA gearing up for war will now also happen as a reaction to premature Soviet aggression - Event action_b in event 57 no longer sleeps event 58 - If Japan puppets PHI, the American Phillipine leaders & tech teams (i.e. MacArthur etc.) are slept - USA now moves a bit more towards interventionism if 'Pearl Harbour' hits - USA now gets claims on Iceland & Greenland when they get it offered (to counter nationalism there). - US Oil Embargo now needs 40 JAP belligerence instead of 35. - Chinese Tech Team Claire Chennault will only be there if USA offers assistance to CHI (as it is with leader Chennault). - Should USA lose California/Texas, it is weakened by losing some CAL/TEX based tech teams - Destroyer Transfer (30 & 31) tweaked with changes to USA'S '36, '38, '39 GC scenario files **Asia-Pacific and Africa - The surprise effect events around Pearl Harbour can now occur till 1947 instead of 1943 - Japan now annexes the Phillipines if the USA yields for peace - Japan now allies with Manchukwo and Mengkukwo should it chose action_b in the Khalkin Gol incident (small chance) - The 'Panay Incident' no longer gives Japan belligerence. Also corrected a province ID there. - Added in two events for the case where MAD becomes a JAP puppet in the Vichy chain. - Cut the manpower values in japanmanpower.txt by a factor 30 since they should represent daily MP gain. - The 'Japan surrenders to China' event now cedes previously warlord owned territory as well. - The Japanese side of the 'US Oil Embargo' event now kills alot of trades instead of reducing their oil stockpile - Nomonhan Incident (event 22) now has a small chance the Japanese AI will delcare war on the USSR - Reworked the Surrender of Japan events a tiny bit. They should now properly cede Indochina to France again. - Edited the badly used add_corps and add_division commands in the Operation Zet event(s). - There now is a nice event series concerning peace between China and Japan. Various options are available to both sides like installing a puppet regime, balkanizing the opponent,... - When the Chinese Industry Move to the interior happens, industry will now also be moved away from Nanjing and Hangzhou to the interior. 50% of the resources there will now also appear inland. - The Chinese Industry Move to the Interior now also triggers a Burma Road event that hands a small portion of free resources and stuff to China. The Burma Road can be closed (and China weakened) by capturing Burma. It can be re-opened if ENG takes it back. - Reworked the 'Burma Road' triggers to account for a bit more possible outcomes. If the Southern China warlords are at war with China for example, the Burma Road can't open anymore. - Persian Coup (936) tweaked - Included a new event file (colonial_release.txt) that gives dissent to nations setting their colonial revolters free. We want to discourage ahistorical mass-liberating - There's now some new events surrounding the Iraqi coup and counter-coup - There's now an event that establishes the Japanese puppet in Mengkukuo - Added in three 'death events' for SAF politicians - There's now events that might establish the People's Republic of Korea and South Korea. - There's now an event that potentially transfers Soviet conquered parts of China to the Chinese Communists. - Included a small chance for Persia going to war with USSR & UK in the Persian Coup event - Removed 1272 from the 'Mengkukuo established' event trigger - Persian Coup (236) deleted, it was replaced by Persian Coup (936) in hoi2.txt file - There now is an event to simulate the establishment of the Persian Corridor if Persia leans towards Germany - Added Death of King Ghazi of Iraq (393) - Edited the Iraqi Coup events in HOI2.txt a bit to trigger properly - Expanded the trigger for the 'Siam Gives Up' event. - There now is a 'South Africa at the Crossroads' event where SAF can choose to stay with the Allies, or side more with the Axis.

12. 11. 2005 v 11.38 Platforma: PC Popularita: 1437 Velikost: 29.7 MB Typ: Update


Hearts of Iron 2 - patch v1.2

Společnost Paradox vydala nový patch v 1.2 pro Hearts of Iron 2, která přináší nový scénář, novou kampaň, přidává do hry fotografie a každému národu přidává řadu ministrů, vůdců a techteamů. Patch také vylepšuje interface, AI, scénáře, hratelnost atd.. New Features - Implemented a new battlescenario for the 'Fall Blau' campaign. - Added a new campaign, starting in 1938 before the Munich agreement. - Added a large amount of more pictures to the game. - Added ministers, leaders & techteams to almost every nation. Interface Enhancements ** Enhanced Interface - Shift & ctrl-clicking now works fine on the negotiation screen as well. - Shift & ctrl-clicking now works fine on the production sliders as well. - You now get the option to "select" the unit of a leader that has just died. ** Increased Information - You can now always see what your allies and puppets are researching when clicking on one of their provinces. - It is now possible to see chances of couping, inviting to alliances and other such thing in the interface. - The current gearing bonus and max is now shown as a tooltip of a production run. - Added some fun little tooltips to the country-listing on the diplomatic screen. - Clarified the merge tooltip for airunits. - Added a screens/capitals tooltip to the naval unit selected interface. - Game now keeps tracks of which nations aircrafts have sunk a certain ship. - Separated the invasion beach penalty and the invasion stacking limit tooltip. - You can now see available and base IC of another nation. - You can now see brigades at the combat details screen. - Double-difficulty is now shown on tech-projects. - Divisions in strategic-redeploy now show up in the ledger screens. - You can now only see radar, rocket and nuclear sites in provinces that are not covered by FoW. - Changed the order of ships to be in the same order in tooltips and the ledger as when they are selected. ** Cheats - Added a "viewtech" cheatcode. - Changed some cheatcodes "rubber"->"rare", "robespierre"->"freedom", "neville"->"acceptall" Gameplay Balancing ** Diplomatic - Removed the hard-coded end of the game whenever two major alliances are gone. - The peacetime alliance leader is now always the alliance leader in a war, no matter who is attacked. - Ideology now affects trade-agreements/negotiations a bit more. - Favored stats now affects negotiations the same as trade agreements. - The probability to influence another nations sliders affects BASE ic instead of current modified one now. - Puppets will now leave their alliances if their master does automatically. - All on the attacking side should now get belligerence according when they declare war. - A puppet now have exactly the same beliggerence as its master. - Relations now affect trade-agreements much more. ** Common Military - Only leaders actually in combat or getting bombed will now have a chance to die. - Air and naval units now take 1% of regular fuel consumption when at bases and port to simulate practices and maintenance. - Autopromoted leaders no longer lose skill. - Tweaked org loss from lack of supplies. ** Land - Units will no longer auto-redeploy out of territory you just puppeted. - Airplanes over neutrally-occupied territory will no longer automatically redeploy back to capital. - A division after finishing a naval transport, arrives with 1/2 its organization. - An unloading unit can no longer move out that province immediately. They get the same delay as from an attack. - Removed the duplicate penalty on fuel-based units in bad terrain. - Tweaked landcombat to be slightly slower now. - Digged-in units now take a LOT less damage from ground-attacks. - Only landunits get affected by HQ's for ESE purposes now. - Engineer leader trait now gives 20% when crossing a river instead of 30%. - Limited the synching option for attacks scheduled to start later as that is not supported. - Manpower lost through attrition now trickles back in same ratio as manpower lost to combat. - Fuelcosts for offensives are now the same, no longer depending on the unit moving or not. ** Naval - Navalcombat now have a minimum length of 4 hours again. - Ships now only repair in navalbases. - Navalunits more likely to retreat towards navalbases now. - Changed default from 20% to 50% for stop for naval-missions. - It is now possible to give flee orders to ships out of range. - Reduced a probability for submarines to evade being hit if out of range in a navalcombat. ** Air - Tweaked airplane targettting code in bombing missions, more likely to focus damage now. - Changed default from 20% to 50% for stop for air-missions. ** Economical - Peacetime modifier now affects resource gain. - Moved around some minister modifiers for Chief of Air. - Reinforcements now only use fractions of IC if they only need a fraction. - The Professional Army slider now affects upgrade cost. Drafted armies cost alot more to upgrade now. - Upgrade IC needed is now reduced immediately the day a unit has finished upgrading. - Reinforcement IC needed is now reduced immediately the day a unit has finished reinforcing. - Techteams lost cause of losing territory can now be used for other things and are not permanently stuck. - Tweaked the techresearch formula to allow greater impacts from research modifiers. - Researchcosts are now always recalculated immediately whenever a team is changed or a project started. - Increased effect from energy to oil conversion. - Conversion cap for oil-conversion can now be above 100% and still use all IC. - Fixed a loophole that allowed you to exploit a 0-supplies production. ** Convoys - Fleets on convoy raiding missions will no longer join other combats unless spotted. - Convoys are now automatically rerouted when attacked. - Changed the huge ASW spotting bonus on convoy raiders to only be when a raider has spotted a convoy.. Not when they had TRIED to spot a convoy. - Increased likelihood of submarines spotting convoys by 20%. - Slightly reduced the chance to detect convoy raiders immedialtely after hitting. - Trade Efficiency attempts to go through allies over land if possible now. - Revise TA efficiency calculations to focus more on blockades than actual wartime status. - Convoy raiders are now much better at escaping from ASW'ers the bigger the ASW'er's TF is compared to the convoyraiders. - Convoy paths are now reset if path is no longer accessible. ** Technology & Units. - Rebalanced all techteams to create more choices. - For consistency reasons Basic Cav is now a prereq for researching SM Cav - Changed historical dates for certain naval secret weapons. - Upgraded Armored-Cars a tad bit. - Imp SP Art now scraps Early SP Art not Light Tank - Added missing fuelconsumption to Armored Cavalry model - Fixed problem that surface defense values had been switched between NAV and STR. AI Improvements ** Misc - Added more AI files for various countries and situations, including quite a bit more reactive systems. - Improved AI's management of leaders. ** Diplomatic AI - AI embargo settings now pretty much makes them demand a 20-1 cost for trading with you if you are on their embargo list. - Improved AI for trade-agreement negotiations. - AI is now more acceptable to giving blueprints to its allies when asked. - Vichy will now become non-neutral if somone attacks them. - Sweden is now much more neutral, and that only changes if they get involved in the winter war. - A large set of AI files and events now kick in if Soviets are the agressors instead of the Germans. - Revised Chinese theater diplomatic preferences-AI. - Rewrote AI logics of determening to go to war with a puppet to use evaluation for a puppets master instead of the puppet itself. - The USA, UK and France will be less interventionistic once Germany surrenders. - Improved trade preferences. - Revised neutrality ratings for several european nations. - Added more AI-logics for when to send expeditionary forces to help other AI's when in the same war. - Japan learned that declaring wars directly on Philippines is a bad idea. - Germany may now dislike potential enemies with fleets in the baltic. ** Construction AI - Recoded logics for supply-sliders to estimate need better. - The AI learned to not build bigger than max-batches of a building type. - AI will no longer consider to build AA in a province with 10 aa already. - Revised every AI preference for which brigades to build - Improved port-building AI. - Improved general building AI priorities severly for most nations. - Improved the absolute buildscheme to work more as desired by scripters. ** Land AI - Severe tweaks of the german/soviet land AI for the eastern-front war, with enhanced ai files and switches. Germany will avoid going on offensives in winter, while soviet tries to stall during german spring offensives the first years. There are also soviet counter offensives. - Soviet will protect the following cities more if the front hits them Leningrad, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Stalingrad, Kharkov, Bryansk, Vladivostock, Murmansk, Sevastopool, Rostov, Smolensk, Moscow and Kursk - ALL Front AI Terrain and Weather modifier changed to 1.0 (AI Pulls it from the terrain itself to calculate exact odds making them obsolete). - Front odds-calculations now take proper values for rivers into account. - Improved AI's handling of determening whether a unit goes to garrison or front duty. - Helped the front odds evaluation AI to understand that a unit with ONE bad division is not an entirely crappy army. - Improved the management of the Maginot line for French and German AI's. - Both Japan and the Chinese nations have had lots of improvements to their AI's in their main war. - Improved AI's handling of garrisons. - Lots of tweaks to all combat sections of the AI's. ** Naval AI - The AI learned how to move fleets out of occupied ports even when at peace - Japan now attemps invasions at longer distances if possible. - Improved US D-day Ai. - UK may attack Norway if Germany does not garrison it. - GER Sealion AI should now be better at launching invasions into England. - Enhanced UK's targetting for invasions to adopt to various postures better. - Tweaked invasion staging and targetting algoritms. ** Research AI - Commonwealth nations will no longer focus on advanced research for special forces, improving the quality of the forces they use. - Originally landlocked nations will no longer spend anything on researching naval technologies. - Tweaked almost every nations technology research preferences. Modding Support - Fixed a mod-dir bug with saving games. - Added an event-command to change the offmap IC. 'free_ic'. - Expanded the divison-type triggers to allow this syntax as well. [div type] = { country = TAG value = X } # country TAG has X or more of that type of division - Expanded the technology trigger to allow this syntax as well. technology = { country = TAG value = x } # True if a certain techis known by the given country. - Implemented support for model-based sprites. - Enabled the wakeleader command. - Added a system for scripted trade-deals that will not be cancelled if both nations are AI and not at war with each other. Multiplayer Specific - Expanded checksum checks to make sure more files are properly synced. - Revised logics for checksum on files for MP. - Password for vnet games are no longer case-sensitive. - Fixed a multiplayer sync problem with trade agreements and non-agression pacts. - The (!) indicator now works for clients as well. - Fixed a few bugs with the network protocol and joining the game. Bugfixes - All currently reported crashbugs have been tracked down and fixed. - Fixed a problem where serial production in provinces get all deployed at once. - Dormant divisions under military control are no longer automatically deployed. - Nukes are now properly saved. - Amphibious assaults will now cancel properly when the attackers retreat. - Militarycontrol is now cleared when you leave an alliance. - Fixed a major miscalculation when using multiple stacks to amphibious assault. - Fixed a problem with organisation being set to 0 when in occuppied territory and a new war is declared. - Fixed a problem which created multiple wars between the same nations. - Fixed a problem where leaving alliance and joining another would make a country return all occupied territories. - Fractional changes to unit buildcosts from techs now actually work. - Fixed a few problems with the offmap production stuff in non-battlescenarios. - Fixed a fun problem which made it possible to have a ship at multiple places. - Fixed a problem where strategically redeploying expeditionary forces lost track of who they belonged to. - Allied player nations in minor alliances will no longer auto-refuse when asked to another alliance in MP. - Fixed the sync of arrival estimation when having a garrison unit selected as well. - Infra is now also hurt when taking over provinces with less than 100 infra. - Fixed the fun little exploit-loophole with convoys and puppets. - Fixed some reported speling errorrs and badd enlighs. - Fixed some calculation errors in the tooltips for effects on IC. - Fixed a mismatch in display of series end of a serial production due to low precision of floats. - Fixed a "*100" display error in reinforcement tooltips. - Fixed a calculation display error on manpower needed for reinforcement. - Fixed a mismatch on manpower needs for reinforcements. - Fixed a disrepancy between detect count on map and in tooltip. - Correct modelnumber is now shown in statistics for brigades. - Fixed a broken connection in Siberia. - Fixed some seazone coordinate definitions in the Pacific. Events - Fixed missed ai chance for the USSR claim Bessarabia event - Fixed a few date errors in the GPW events. - USSR now leaves the Comintern in case of the Unholy Alliance so that it doesn't get reverted back to Comintern after reload - Fixed minister bug in event that installs Tiso in Slovakia - Fixed two missing SOV prov that should go to JAP and one FIN prov in the Bitter Peace event. - Failure to assassinate Hitler event now sleep Franz Halder - Fixed UK Defense Lobby in all GCs and for two important events - Fixed event error which made CRO become a puppet of itself. - Revised Fall of England event and added some US interventionism events. - The DDs for bases event tweaked - The DDs for bases event now give Britain some DDs - Added triggers to Soviet Moving of Industry events - US Lend-lease to UK events have been modified so that German occupation of parts of Britain does not benefit Germany. - Made some tweaks to SCW events - Changed a wrong command in the Treaty of Munich event - The Guarantee of Polish Independance will not trigger anymore if Germany does not exist or if POL is at war with (potential) Allies - Added a logical trigger to the BEL & HOL capital move events - Corrected two province ID triggers in the "Hess flees to UK" event - Event for West Germany added to grant good relations and access to the Western Powers. - Vichy events should make Marseilles Vichy owned correctly and GER will now guarentee VIC - Removed HUN,ROM,FIN from the event creating SOV satellites. - Fixed trigger problems regarding JAP involvement in Bitter Peace events - Fixed wrong ids in triggers for US event Oil Embargo against Japan - Japanese surprise is now doubled in duration - Implemented two events to simulate the peace between China and Guangxi - Removed two commands from japanese_fascist event - Operation Zet will no longer occur if Soviet and China is at war - Province Chiang Rai is now correctly ceded in the Japanese Pressure on Siam events - The extra USA IC in the Gearing Up event series is now properly added to a USA province, not an Asian one - Fixed US Defense Lobby in all GCs and for five important events - The dissent (-5) effect in US Election events has been changed to dissent (-2) effect. - US will not get Greenland/Iceland if allied with GER or SOV - Fixed Vice-President posistion in FDR dies event - Removed a double command from USA "Gearing up for War" - USA "Gearing up for War" event choice b no longer sleeps later "Gearing up for War" events - Removed a bunch of deathdates from leaders and exported them to random death events. - Revised, removed and edited some death events. Scenario Setup ** General - Made a complete revision of the possible revolters database. - Added event-files for revolters that gives some off-map resources & IC to revolter nations. - Added single-supply depots on US islands in all scenarios. - Corrected several unitnames that was wrong in various databases. - Added missing prerequisite techs in several battlescenarios. - Corrected CSA country colour. - Fixed CAN,AST,NZL,SAF Defense Lobby in all GCs - Corrected the land tech inconsistencies between YUG setups GC36 and GC39 - Japanese resource deals are now set to non-cancel in 36/38/39/41. - The Liberian DD unit have been removed from GC36,GC39,GC41, and GC44. - Added a missing period in the Liberian Description Text. - Adjustment to CAG Costs in Build Queues for all GCs - Changed national provinces for CSX in GC36,C39,GC41 - Tweaked Portuguese Convoy Pool in GC39 and GC44 - Changed Professional Army bar for SOV in all GCs. - Changed BEL and HOL defense_lobby and interventionism sliders to more realistic levels in 36-39-41-44 (38 left to Hort) - Upgraded TUR and EIR when come to ICs and resources - Implemented the new setup and event series for Soviet military weaknesses before early 40's. - Italian Land Doctrine Path changed in all scenarios - Corrected missed techs in GC39, GC41 - Purged Soviet generals are now dormant in all scenarios from 1938 on, same for French Vichy-ists after 1940 - Fixed tech inconsistencies for Yugoslavia in GC36 & GC39. - Fixed escort/convoy inconsistencies for Turkey in GC39 & GC44. - Soerabaia not Batavia is the largest NEI naval base in all relevant scenarios. - Added a few new ministers to a number of countries ** Areas - There are now two seperate Georgia areas - Attu Island is now considered a US national province in all GCs. - Fixed Santa Fe VP issue for all GCs - Turned Bahia Blanca into a major Argentine naval base in GC36,GC39,GC41,GC44, and Platinean War. ** Terrains - Moved glasgow port to the correct seazone. - Gave Kiska (Alaska) Hills terrain - Province 2357 changed to subtropical ** Manpower - There is no longer any manpower in the Dutch East Indies to simulate the incapability of recruitment there for the Dutch. - Toned down the provincial MP for capital provinces of Bhutan, Nepal,Yemen, and Oman. - Yemens manpower has been cut down to reasonable figures in all GCs. - Removed a bunch of US manpower from their 1936/1939/1941 pool and added it to events (gearing up, undeclared war, ...) ** Connections - Removed a land-connection between japan and soviet. - The connection between Copenhagen and Lübeck is now a river. ** Resources - Added some Rare ressources to Germany and Italy. ** Misc. - Brazil now have Great War Cavalry tech in Platinean War scenario - Modifications done to the tech setups of 15 battlescenarios ** 1936: - UK starting MP in GC36 toned down considerable. Manpower is added with the gearing up event. - Removed two CHC national provinces in GC36 - Removed two naval divisioons for Guangxi Clique (CGX) in GC 36. - Changed Australian Naval Bomber to tactical bomber in GC36, also removed nav bomber tech. - France more isolationist in GC36 - Changed the name of a Austrian HQ div in GC36. - Removed redundant German convoy from GC36 - More corrections to Aussie bomber unit in GC36. - Toned down the starting MP for CAN,AST,SAF,IRQ in GC36. - Fixed air-missions for China and Italy in 36. - Made two leaders dormant for CHI in GC36. - Revised Chinese OOB setup to strengthen warlords, and weaken central authority. - Fixed all 0 relations to 1 relations to init properly. - Fixed spelling errors in Italian shipnames in GC36/GC39. ** 1939: - Changed the finish date form dec40 to dec39 for the GER Para in dev pool in GC39 - Added Imp Nav Bomber (4200) and removed a navbomber from devpool for GER in GC39 - Removed doublebooked Swedish cruiser in GC39. - Changed model on a stray escort fighter for Germany in GC39 - Removed Early Airborne (1070) from ENG 1939 - Fixed error with Kuwait belonging to Saudi-arabia in GC39. ** 1941: - Tweaks too Swedish navy in GC41 - Modified SOV/GER national provinces in GC41 - Fixed a scripterror in Swedish OOB in GC41 ** 1944: - 1944 USA Armaments Minister is now correctly Henry Morgenthau - USA in GC44 got may of their illegal artillery brigades upgraded to sp_artillery. - Tech setup correction in GC44 - Changes to Japanese Secret Weapons in GC44 - Changes made to US Nuclear Program in GC44 - Corrected a Brazilian unit in Italy in GC44 - V1/V2 Pool for Germany tweaked in GC44

21. 4. 2005 v 13.14 Platforma: PC Popularita: 781 Velikost: 20.1 MB Typ: Update


Hearts of Iron 2 - patch v1.1

Tvůrci se společnost Paradox vydali první patch pro anglickou verzi válečné realtime strategie Hearts of Iron 2. Jde o patch v1.1, který jako obvykle u her od Paradoxu přináší obrovské množství změn, oprav a úprav. Většina změn se týká hratelnosti, ale drobné úpravy zaznamenala i AI, interface a zásahy byly provedeny i na scénářích, v multiplayeru, historických událostech a došlo i na odstranění vcelku malého množství bugů. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes for 1.1 Interface Enhancements - The maximum organisation can now always be seen. In the detail screen, in tooltips, and as small graphical markers. - Added an indicator to show the current speed of a corps in the interface. - Improved several tooltips with even further information and/or clarifications. - Added information in colorcoding to the convoy interface. - Added a small indicator to the combatlist interface to show which have a combat event. - Added the option to switch between sprites/counters when rightclicking on the pause-button. - Added an option to set a synchronized arrival time for landunit stacks when moving/attacking. - Due to popular demand, detect numbers are now shown instead of "fieldmarshal" names on counters. - Improved the shown "detected sizes" for stacks. Seperate values for air/surface stacks. - Colorcoded unitsizes on screens to be red if over command-limit. - Added support for national names for armies, fleets and airfleets. - "goto" on a combat-started popupbox now actually selects that combat, instead of just centering on that province. - Added the "mission finished" message after a sea transport mission is done. - Added a message for "Leader has died". - There is now information in the cancelled trade agreement message, about which was cancelled. Gameplay Changes - Changed logics of when its possible to attach brigades, to reduce some exploits. - Rewrote combat algoritms to not always give guaranteed hits when dogpiling. - Weather and Night affects in landcombat now only affects attacking efficiency for both sides. - Envelopment in landcombat now requires 3 provinces rather than 2. - Fortressbuster trait now only reduces fort penalty by 25%. - Org regain is now significantly higher when low. (<25% of max x3, < 50% x2, > 75% /2 ) - Convoy paths will now attempt to avoid seazones with subs on convoy raiding missions. - Convoy paths now get reevaluated everytime they get attacked. - Airplanes should now attempt to move immediately after a combat. - Added some terrain penalties to bomb-missions for planes. - Province buildings now only increases max-capacity when they are deployed, and slowly grow to the new one. - Modified HQ unit speeds and fuelconsumptions, and removed cap on engineers attached. - The "repair/construct" speed from infrastructure is now never lower than 10%. - A carrier now always have at least 1 in subattack to avoid endless battles. - Halved the belligerence impact from annexing countries. - Improved the efficiency at night for submarines. - Its now possible to rebase ships with troops on them, if within sea-transport range. - There is now a hard-cap on how big an airforce taskforce can be. Maximum 4 airwings in it. - Tweaked air command limits to be 2, 4, 8, 16 to fit the new stack rules. - Increased penalties for attacking in bad weather and through mud. - Puppets can no longer invite someone to an alliance. - Tweaked transport planes to be cheaper and better at later techs to simulate the need of lesser amount of planes. - Severly decreased the techeffects on airbase building speed. - Based and other undeployed provincial developments now cause a severe drain on TC. - Halved the speed of landcombat & air v land bombs. - Average speed of fleets now modify closing speed in naval combats. - Tweaked weathercode for battlescenarios to make sure weather patterns are started in the active map. - Winters are now longer. - Anyone with a guarantee will get +1 on interventionism whenever anyone else declares war on it, if on the same continent. - Creating a puppet nolonger gives it a large part of your manpower. - Isolationists that can not ally with anyone can neither guarantee another nations independence. - Dissent now affects IC. - Tweaked effects from strategic bombing missions. - Increased strategic attack of SBs, TACs, Flying bombs and rockets significantly. - Decreased cost of rockets and bombs siginifcantly. - Decreased visibility of submarines. - Tweaked up effect of submarines versus convoys. - Moved 5 org from Elastic Defence & Spearhead and added them to Fire Brigade & Spearhead HQs - Autoconvoy creation now takes blocked seazones into account if possible. - Experience is now applied in bombruns as well. - Infra is now damaged when a province is taken over. - Increase the range of transports to 3000. - A unit out of supply can no longer strat-redeploy. - Units loaded on ships will now clear their orders properly whenever the ship moves. - Airunits now fight with lesser effectivity if they lack supplies. - No missions are valid except for rebase for an airunit without oil. - You can only trade provinces between allies now. - 0 infra provinces surrounded by only enemy territory with any infra now automatically change control to the enemies. - Carriers doing port-strike are now slightly less lethal. - Tactical bombers are now slightly more lethal. - Reduced IC from non-national even further. - It is no longer a linear return on bombing infrastructure. The less there is left the less can be damaged now. - Rebasing now works with multiple airunits selected. - Newly built units can now only be deployed in owned provinces (on the same continent as the capital). - Conquering territory out from a puppets territory will now give the occupation to the puppetmaster if the puppetmaster is conquering. - Puppetstatus now override ai-prefs for ignores in tech/resource trades. - Provinceimprovements in progress are now cancelled when a province becomes occupied. - Units now only go to pool when owners change if they are enemies with the new owners. - Techteams are now properly removed at the end of a project if they are no longer active. - Rockets can no longer rebase, but instead they can be strategically redeployed. - Units retreating to something that is cut-off should no longer automatically be deleted if they got at least 50% of their maximum org. - Neutrals can no longer spot other neutral ships automatically at sea. - Its no longer possible to attack, then break off the attack after 1 hour and attack again. - There is now a 5% dissent hit for cancelling a non-agression pact. - Units in enemy territory when peace is signed is now strat-redeployed back to the capital (using civilian ships if needed.) - Relations no longer drop if an alliance partner or puppet/master cancels an agreement between them. AI Improvements - Worked alot on the front AI to teach it to evaluate attack and defend odds better, also improved its - Improved the AI's evaluation of when to break off attacks. - Improved the AI's understanding of establishing reserves. - AI now tries to group motorized infantry with mechs and armor if possible. - The AI now synchronizes attacks smarter. - Now the front AI reacts quicker to the players and other nations actions. - Air AI taskforce composition has been improved. - Air AI is now better att evaluating when to evacuate bases. - Wolfpack AI now spreads out attacks more. - Convoy AI now adapts better to hostilities, and also attempts to bring home stockpiles more efficiently. - Improved the cooperation between AIR and Naval AI. - The AI is now a lot smarter about using its serial runs. - Improved the AI for researching technologies. - Pathfing AI is now much smarter and tries to avoid danger if possible. - The AI for accpeting nations asking to join their alliance was rewritten. - Diplomatic AI now cancels non-agression pacts in attempts to honor guarantees, and is also more likely to honor guarantees they have given. - Loads and loads more of AI code and scripts written for various cases of when circumstances change. Modding Support - A lot more factors have been exported to the dbmisc.txt file, so that modders can tweak. - Enchanced the scripting capabilites for the AI, see the docs/ai_file_doc.txt for details. - Fixed a few problems with eventcommands that manipulate the weather. Multiplayer Specific - Added a little indicator to show who has not yet pressed "startgame" in the chat listing. - Added support for up to 20 different countries in the lobby now. - Fixed a problem with people timing out in the lobby. Bugfixes - Ships are now properly flagged as retreating when they are given the order even while moving. - Oil status is now properly reset for ships in port. - Ships will no longer target subs if they lack subattack. - Bases constructed from events now always arrive, even if target country lacks the tech. - Ships will no longer have the target indicator in the interface if too disorganised to shoot. - Fixed a problem with asking to join alliance led by a player. - Fixed a miscalculation to determine valid distance in a navalcombat. - Fixed so terrain names are properly localised as well. - Fixed the inversed gearing bonus. Its now capped at 35% bonus. - Fixed a major problem with the weather system which left loads of "static weather blocks" all over the map. - Weather is now cleared properly when a scenario is restarted. - Fixed a problem which caused airplanes to hover indefinitely retreating. - Fixed a major problem with allied area for supply checking not working if there are oilpools around. - Time should now be cleared entirely between scenarios. - Fixed a bug where oil was not shipped home from areas if auto convoy options where not on. - Fixed a problem with the Warsaw Uprising and the Soviet support option not working. - Fixed the "dissappearing plane" bug. - Fixed a problem with being out supply when a supplydepot lacked oil. - Fixed the case where developments from aborted serial runs did not get a name shown. - Fixed a problem with convoys not being displayed properly if blocked. Events - New Eventseries: * "Soviet-Romanian War" (over Bessarabia with a limited peace offer) * "Lin Sen" (death event) * "Alternative US Elections" (if US is Paternal Authocratic) * "Democracy Defended" (Republican boost if Franco get no foreign help) * "Great War Demonstration" (might happen if GER doesn't occupy Rhineland) * "Independent Croatia" (Croatia become German puppet) * "Germany Surrender" (if the Soviets can take a bath in the Eng Channel) - Modified triggers for the following events: * "The Undeclared War" * "US Lend-Lease Events" * "Oil Embargo against Japan" * "Vichy France" * "Marco Polo Bridge" * "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" * "Bitter Peace" * "Destroyers for bases" * "Denmark folds" * "US Elections" * "Jose Antonio" * "Victory events for Coral Sea" * "Victory events for Desert Fox" * "Vichy leader defection" * "Hess' flight to Scotland" * "US Gearing Up events" - Modified effects in the following events: * "Destroyers for bases" (USA get access to UK) * "Lean on Siam"/"Pressure on Siam" (many effects in all events in the serie) * "ROM/HUN switches side" (will ally the USSR) * "Bitter Peace-2nd Version" (seccedes Romanian provinces) * "Spanish Civil War" (supply costs decreased) * "Wilkie" * "US Lendlease to USSR" * "Creation of Vichy" * "Treaty of Munich/End of Czech" * "Warsaw Uprising" - New event commands: * new trigger "attack" which lets the event check if the country is attacked by another given country. * command reformulated to allow partisan-controlled provinces to secede. Scenario Setup - Modifications to the 1936 campaign * Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan. * Added missing static anti-air guns in Southern Part of Maginot line for France. * Decreased Manchurian supply at start from 10000 to 100. * Added Southern Sakhalin as nationalprovinces for Japan. * US force at Philippines is now locked in position. * Added some Australian bases. * Modifications to Communist and Nationalist unit setups. * Added Home defense units to the UK and removed all the extra IC. * Lowered Italian belligerence to 0. - Modifications to the 1939 campaign * Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan. * Removed Italian navalbase from inland Turin. * Added missing static anti-air guns in Southern Part of Maginot line for France. * Communist China is now allied with Nationalist China. * US force at Philippines is now locked in position. * Added some Australian bases. * Added an airbase for Nationalist China. * Switched a province from Siam to France. - Modifications to the 1941 campaign * Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan. * Communist China is now allied with Nationalist China. * Switched ownership of a few provinces between Japan and Nationalist China. * Added Southern Sakhalin as nationalprovinces for Japan. * Added some Australian bases. * Modifications to German unit names. * Moved a Turkish unit from Tblisi to Turkish territory. - Modifications to the 1944 campaign * Switched Manchurian for Korean provinces as nationals for Japan. * Switched ownership of a few provinces between Japan and Nationalist China. * Modifications to German unit names. * Moved some German V-rockets from Ghent to Lille, and gave Lille an airbase for them. * Three provinces added as nationalprovinces for Siam. - Modifications to Ardennes: * Modifications to event triggers, dates and effects. * Tweaked down the offmap supplies/oil to make the supply events more useful. * Removed static weather, snowstorms will now come and go in the scenario. * Modifications to German unit names. * Added a supplypool in Dunkirk and added a German technology. * Added offensives to many German units. * Reduced allied oil/supply pool significantly and doubled effect of oil/supply events. * Changed many artillery brigades to self-propelled artillery. - Modifications to D-Day: * Two GER divs will be activated properly in D-Day. * Panzer Reserve is unlocked if Allies launches Operation Dragoon. - Terrain Modifications: * Rearranged some areas in Far East Russia. * Added two Chinese beaches. * Modifications to climate for seazones, lakes and provinces. * Modifications to terrain for provinces. * Åmål no longer has a port nor a beach. - Added river connections * Lille - Mons * Amsterdam - Leeuwarden - Modifications to setup technologies * Added Adv Machine Tools to British setup in GC41. * Added Air Superiority Doctrine to Nationalist Chinese setup in GC36, GC39 and GC41. * Added Mobility Focus doctrine to Nationalist Chinese setup in GC39. * Communist China can now dig-in in GC36. * Removed the two oil refinery techs from, and added Basic Naval Bomber to the USA in GC36. * Added air superiority doctrine to Yugoslavia in GC36 and GC39, and to Bulgaria in GC39. * Modified Finnish land techs in GC39,GC41 and GC44. - Modifications to Ministers and Leaders. * RSI now defaults to Fascist state ideology. * Sweden starts with a Socialdemocratic government in GC36. * Added Dutch, New Zeelander and Australian leaders to Southern Conquest scenario. * Modified traits for a number of leaders. * California,Texas, and Scotland will be fascist if the are released. * Added US Ministers. * British land leader "Bourne of Atherstone" should now be Commando + Logistics Wizard. * Changed death date for a German leader/tech team used by Germany and Nationalist China.

18. 1. 2005 v 11.21 Platforma: PC Popularita: 663 Velikost: 6.7 MB Typ: Update


Vyzkoušejte hratelnou demoverzi historické RTS Hearts of Iron 2

Nedávno dokončená historická realtime strategie Hearts of Iron 2 vyjde až za pár týdnů v lednu 2005. Aby však fanoušci o vánočních svátcích nezaháleli, vydala k jejich radosti společnost Paradox Entertainment hratelnou demoverzi Hearts of Iron 2. Demo je velké zhruba 90 MB a nabízí možnost vyzkoušet jeden kompletní bitevní scénář Ofenzíva v Ardenách. Těm co nemají přehled, nebo jsou prostě jen zapomětlivý připomínáme, že Hearts of Iron 2 je pokračování úspěšné historické realtime strategie Hearts of Iron, které se opět odehrává převážně během 2. světové války. Hlavním cílem je dosáhnout vítězství s použitím vojenských, ekonomických i diplomatických sil. Hra nabízí přepracovaný interface pro větší srozumitelnost a přístupnost většímu množství hráčů, novou AI, detailnější diplomacii a micromanagement a nový politický systém s netušenými možnostmi. K dispozici jsou 4 velké kampaně a 15 bojových scénářů s kratší herní dobou. Nechybí ani podpora multiplayeru až pro 32 hráčů skrze LAN, či internet. Většinu z výše jmenovaného si může každý vyzkoušet na vlastní kůži v této demoverzi.

16. 12. 2004 v 17.00 Platforma: PC Popularita: 592 Velikost: 93.5 MB Typ: Hratelné demo


Promo trailer z historické realtime strategie Hearts of Iron 2

Švédská společnost Paradox Entertainment vydala promo trailer z jejich připravované válečné strategie Hearts of Iron 2, která se na pultech obchodů objeví v lednu příštího roku. Video je dlouhé 2 minuty 47 sekund a nabízí kombinaci záběrů ze hry a černobílých historických záběrů přímo z války. Škoda, že záběrů ze hry není více, aby se příznivci prvního dílu mohli na vlastní oči přesvědčit o tom, jestli tvůrci opravu zpřehlednili interface. Překombinovaný a nepřehledný interface se spoustou nevysvětlených funkcí byl totiž jedním z hlavních problému původní hry. Druhý díl však nepřinese pouze upravený interface, ale i detailní tutoriál a manuál v podobě tlusté bichle, který vysvětlí funkci opravdu každého tlačítka a i té nejméně užívané funkce. Co se týče obsahu, budou k dispozici jak scénáře postavené na historických faktech, tak i scénáře fiktivní. Chybět nebude ani podpora kooperativního multiplayeru a skirmish scénáře pro rychlé a intenzivní strategické boje.

18. 11. 2004 v 11.00 Platforma: PC Popularita: 192 Velikost: 56.1 MB Typ: Trailer


Sugestivní ukázka z intro videa historické RTS Hearts of Iron 2

Hearts of Iron 2 je válečná realtime strategie, která však svým vzhledem a designem připomíná klasické deskové hry jako Axis and Allies a podobné. Jde o dosti komplexní titul, který hráče nutí starat se nejenom o bojovou stránku hry, ale také o politiku, diplomacii, ekonomiku a obyvatele daného státu. Za to všechno je však hráč odměněn možností kompletně přepsat historii a změnit průběh i výsledek druhé světové války ve prospěch jedné z mnoha hratelných zemích. Hra nabídne obrovské množství krátkých i dlouhých scénářů, jejichž hraní může zabrat i několik týdnů skutečného času. Oproti prvnímu dílu se vylepšení dočkal interface, inteligence nepřátel, systém starající se o ekonomické záležitosti a novinky hráče čekají i v oblasti vynalézání nových technologií. Hearts of Iron 2 navíc nabízí i multiplayer hned v několika módech včetně tolik populární kooperace. My vám nyní nabízíme 30 sekund dlouhou sugestivní ukázku z filmové intro sekvence, která by měla každého příznivce naladit na tu správnou bojovou frekvenci.

8. 10. 2004 v 11.07 Platforma: PC Popularita: 165 Velikost: 12.3 MB Typ: Trailer